Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yoona's 4 Minutes in Korea??

On MBC ‘Good Day’ aired in the morning of June 30th, the crew of the show met up with SNSD on June 29th, while they were preparing for their concert in Tokyo Yoyogi Stadium. Before the concert on June 29th, the girls had performed 3 concerts in the same venue for the Arena Tour. This was indeed the proof of the girls’ massive popularity.

When they were met at the waiting room, SNSD’s faces were brightly lit with happiness as they feel and enjoy the popularity they achieved thus far. The girls said, “We have achieved the no.1 spot on Oricon Weekly Chart”. They added, “Our album recorded sales exceeding 230,000 copies in the first week and including Japanese artistes, we are ranked 4th in the Yearly Oricon Chart”.

When the crew mentioned how the girls were often featured in Korean and Japanese news, Sunny said, “It’s good that good news came out”, her witty answer caused the other girls to burst into laughters.

In reply to the question on their popularity in Japan, Taeyeon replied, “Whenever there is a tour concert, we realized that we are popular judging by the fans who come to our concert”. Sooyoung added, “Not only Korean artistes, there seems to be an increase of interest in Korean food and the Korean language as well”.

Meanwhile, when YoonA was asked on where she got the idea of doing the pole dancing performance, she replied, “I got the idea from looking at the individual stage performances and the dancers’ costumes. I want to show everyone a different look”.

Tiffany who was also present during the interview said, “It was a really great performance. SNSD’s no.1 sexy member is our YoonA”.

About her see-thru costume, YoonA said, “Style from YoonA, details from Tiffany”. Tiffany responded, “She ‘digested’ the concept really well”. Tiffany added, “If you come over to see our solo concert, you might be able to witness the really sexy performance”, filling fans with expectations of seeing YoonA’s sexy dance at the 2nd solo concert which will be held in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th.

In addition to these, the show also took a look at what happened behind the stage at the SM Town Live World Tour in Paris. As they completed their performance and came down from the stage, the crew of the show asked Sunny, “Are you all right now?”. Sunny replied, “Now, I’m very active”.

YoonA who was beside Sunny then said jokingly, “She was feeling a little sick the other day but from that evening onwards, she was really active. It was not fair”.

Sunny added, “I felt sorry for the fans who were worried about me. I’m really healthy now. I eat well and rest well, so, please don’t worry”.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2nd Teaser for 'All About Girls' Generation' Released

SNSD’s Yoona’s sexy see-through “goddess” white lace outfit

SNSD’s Yoona’s sexy see-through look is gaining widespread attention on the Internet.

Recently, a few photos highlighting Yoona’s ‘ant waist’ have been uploaded onto an internet community site, and among these was a picture of Yoona wearing a white lace jumpsuit for a performance in Japan.

Yoona matched a silver tank top and hot pants with her jumpsuit, pulling off a sexy see-through look.

Netizens commented, “Yoona who pulls off sexiness perfectly“, “You exceed even a goddess“, and “You are really skinny“.

Yoona previously gained attention for giving a sexy pole dance performance for the Japanese concert.

Source: TV Report via Nate

Credits: allkpop

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SNSD to form Sub-units?!

Following After School’s subunit project – rumor has it, SM Entertainment is planning to divide Girls Generation on various promotions. According to Soyuri, owner of Soshified, there had been rumors flying around that Girls Generation will have two subunits, 5 will be promoting in Japan while the other 4 will promote in China.

No one can still confirm up to now, but fans are currently reacting on this rumor on various fansites.

*Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! SNSD wouldn't be complete without all 9!!!!!

[Fantaken] Yoona Innisfree Store Pictures

Friday, June 24, 2011

Preview for All About Girls' Generation DVD is out!

[Trans] Yoona's Interview Questions in GQ Japan


1990/Type B
Individually active as an actress and model.
「To be able to show off various looks to all of you and being able to experience many things is really enjoyable~」

1. One word that describes your personality is?
A. Bright

2. The moment u thought it was great being a member of SNSD is ?
A. It was lonely working by myself. (Smiles) I think it's great because I get strength from members who are there with me.

3. What do u think is the strength of SNSD that u can boast about overseas?
A. no answer

4. Within SNSD members, from 「I respect this part of this person」 fill in one person and tell us about it.
A. Seohyun/ She is always studying, so I think it's great even though she is younger. (Smiles)

5. Music, Song, and artist u are fascinated with right now?
A. Boys II Men 「End of the Road」, Bruno Mars 「Just The Way You Are」 (← Great song!)

6. As an artist, part/s u think u need to develop/grow?
A. Being critical of myself. I think it's always necessary to upgrade in relations to skills.

7. The person u respect in Korea's entertainment industry? Tell us that reason?
A. No Answer

8. The best thing that happened recently? (Either private or work related)
A. When I got my driver's license. (Smiles)

9. A type of praise that u makes u happy when received? (From opposite sex, same sex respectively)
A. Before giving praise, when the word "Indeed!" is included, I am delighted because I get that feeling of them believing in me.

10. Your ideal course for a date is?
A. Driving through a street of a beautiful place.

[Fantaken] All About Girls' Generation - Package DVD

Girls' Generation Brings the Heat for GQ Japan --Updated--

Japan's famous men's magazine, GQ Japan is due to release their August issue on June 24th. The issue will also feature South Korea's 9-member girl group Girls' Generation, making this their first ever appearance for the magazine.

A picture of the girls was revealed prior to the release of the August issue. It showed the girls clad in simple white tops or shirts and showing off their lean legs. They presented a sophisticated yet sexy feel, leaving fans excited for more.

GQ Japan carried out an interview with the girls who talked about their packed schedules as well as their training days which lasted from 5 to 8 years. The feature will also introduce their agency, SM Entertainment's development programs and address how they utilized the world's largest video-sharing site, YouTube, in order to reach out to Girls' Generation fans abroad.

Girls' Generation has established themselves as one of the most popular groups around with revenues worth approximately 3.47 billion in Japan for the 1st half of the year. The girls also ranked well in the Oricon charts for the '1st Half of 2011 Oricon Ranking'.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

Source: AsiaToday
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SNSD Ray Magazine in Japan --Updated--

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Interview] Ray Magazine (August 2011 issue)


30th May 1990

Interests: Movie review

Specialized in: Acting

Active as an actress.

Q78. What kind of people are the members to you?

People who understand one another even without saying anything.

Q79. Please tell us your dream as a group.

Always take up new challenges, we are also thinking of becoming a more and more charming Girls’ Generation.

Q80. Which part of your body do you like the most?

My hands. My fingers are so long that I’ve never considered them cute last time. But I started to gain confidence afterwards.

Q81. If you were to have a date during summer, what kind of date would you like to have?

I would like to walk on a long and beautiful road, on a day of mild weather. In the evening, I will drive along the Han River under the lights, that will be great too.

Q82. Food that you dislike?

I’m not particular about food. I eat a lot!

Q83. What do you do to maintain your style?

Recently I go to gym for exercises. I also eat a lot, which gives me the energy to dance.

Q84. What do you do during your holidays?

I watch movies and meet up with friends. I also go to the gym.

Q85. A country that you’d want to go, at least once?

Czech Republic, especially Prague.

Q86. Something that you would consider a treasure?

An album that contains my photos since young. My mobile phone is also a treasure. (Smiles)

Q87. What is the source of your luck?

I react very sensitively to the weather. So I’ll be happy on bright days!

Q88. What are your thoughts about the Japanese broadcasts?

I was surprised looking at Japan’s camera sets and the speed they switch from one to another.

Q100. What do you need for your future plans?

YoonA: I want to upgrade myself. To display my abilities, it’s important to have passion in anything I do. I think it will be good if I have better concentration.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[News] SNSD 'Gee' Ranked 9th in 'Songs that Koreans Like' Survey

KBS CoolFM Radio conducted a preference survey for their 46th Anniversary from June 7th till 9th to find out which songs Koreans most like to listen to. The survey involved more than 26,000 participants between the ages of 10-50 and of both genders. The internet voting also included music critics and a selection committee, resulting in a list of the top 89 songs of all time. As pictured above, the survey was divided into rank, title and artist.

Girls' Generation's "Gee" was ranked 9th among veteran artists like Lee Moonsae who placed 1st with "Kwanghwamun Love Song". Kim Hyunshik's "My Love By My Side" and Yoo Jaehe's "Because I Love You" were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Some idol artists who made the chart include Big Bang (Lies), IU (Good Day) and 2NE1 (I Don't Care) who were ranked at 35th, 44th and 50th respectively. Fellow labelmates Super Junior and BOA made the list as well.

Considering the diversity of the participants, Girls' Generation's high placing is indeed an achievement and has further proven the group's appeal among the masses.

Source: bestiz, 10asia
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Translators: jreddevil07,

SNSD E-ma Throat Candy Pouch

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I ♥ Yoona's Soshi Pairings (n_n)

Yoona & Taeyeon [YoonTae]

Yoona & Jessica [YoonSic]

Yoona & Sunny [YoonSun]

Yoona & Tiffany [YoonFany]

Yoona & Hyoyeon [YoonHyo]

Yoona & Yuri [YoonYul]

Yoona & Sooyoung [SooNa]

Yoona & Seohyun [YoonHyun]

Five Seconds of Perfect Harmony By SNSD!!

A teaser trailer for the upcoming MTV Video Music Aid Japan, features a snippet of our girls’ performing a perfect vocal harmonization of “Music of Hope”, the official tagline for the program.

Check out our choir of angels below at 0:50 seconds:

Music does bring hope!

The VMAJ will be held in Tokyo at 6PM on the 25th of June, and is an international music event to benefit the Japanese Red Cross towards their disaster relief efforts.

And remember, Girls’ Generation are nominated for three awards and will also be performing at the awards ceremony.

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