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Girls' Generation The Boys Image Teaser #1

Release of Girls’ Generation’s 3rd Korean Album Postponed

After rumours of Girls’ Generation postponing their album release dates started to circulate on the internet, SM Entertainment has finally released an official announcement with regards to the matter.

Girls’ Generation was originally planning on releasing the audio for their title song, “The Boys” in both Korean and English on the 4th of October. This release was scheduled not only to be in Korea, but across various Asian music sites, as well as a worldwide release through iTunes in the United States and Europe. After which, Girls’ Generation was planning on releasing their official 3rd album in Korea on the 5th of October.

However, at 10.20PM on the 30th of September, SM Entertainment released a statement confirming the postponement of Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album release date. A representative revealed, “It has been decided that Girls’ Generation will be releasing a US album. In order to reinforce the plans of having a worldwide release of “The Boys”, we are planning on changing the release dates of the album in Korea as well. Further details about our decision will be announced when they are confirmed.”

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Yoona and UEE are female idols who look good in military

SNSD Yoona and After School UEE have been selected as the "two female idols who will look good in military."

From a survey conducted by S Edu which started on Sept 7 to 29, with 511 participants, they selected the two female idols who they think that will look good in military.

The result of the survey gives Yoona 31.7% (162) while UEE got 25.8% (132).

S Edu representative stated, "The two female idols have some similarities. They are both active and tall, Yoona is 167cm and UEE is 171cm. They already tried wearing military uniforms and both are successful singers and even actresses."

Meanwhile, Yoona is preparing for their group's comeback album "The Boys" on Music Bank while UEE is receiving positive feedback from her role in KBS drama "Ojak Brothers" and tvN's "Birdy Buddy".

Source: NATE

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Album Cover for “The Boys” Released

After a week of anticipation full of exciting teaser pictures of each individual member, Girls’ Generation has revealed the cover for their next album, “The Boys”.

Each image of the members is in the same fashion as their teaser images released earlier this week. The album cover has quite a similar feel to their debut album.

The cover also features the tracklist:

01. The Boys

02. Telepathy

03. Say Yes

04. Trick

05. How Great is Your Love

06. My J

07. Oscar

08. Top Secret

09. Lazy Girl

10. Sunflower

11. Vitamin

12. Mr. Taxi(Korean Ver.)

SM Entertainment has stated that the video teaser will be released on October 1st.

Pre-orders are available at YesAsia(without poster) and with poster.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Girls’ Generation to Release Third Full Album “The Boys” on October 5th

Girls’ Generation will be making their comeback on October 5th.

Girls’ Generation will be releasing their third official album’s title single “The Boys” on October 4th. The full album itself will be released on iTunes in Korea, as well as the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Americas, at the same time on October 5th.

As Girls’ Generation has grown as a girl group that gains attention, not only in Asia, but all over the world, they have planned a fitting “worldwide” concept. They are planning on revealing both Korean and English versions of ‘The Boys”, for both the song and music video.

“The Boys” was written and composed/arranged by Teddy Riley, who was Michael Jackson’s producer, as well as the founder of “New Jack Swing” and Black Street member in the 1990s. He is currently known as one of the best producers all around the world, and has garnered even more attention after it became known he was working with Girls’ Generation.

Starting with Taeyeon on September 26th, teaser images will be released in order. It is predicted that the anticipation amongst fans will grow regarding their new single and performance.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

First Script Reading Held for Yoona’s New Drama “Love Rain”

The first script reading was held for director Yoon Sukho and writer Oh Sooyeon’s new drama “Love Rain”. The main actors and actresses Jang Geunsuk, Yoona from Girls’ Generation, Kim Sihoo, Son Eunseo, Hwang Bora, and Seo Inguk, were chosen recently and were all present at the script reading.

Director Yoon Sukho, writer Oh Sooyeon, as well as all of the actors and actresses were present at Yoon’s Club, the production company behind “Love Rain”, for the first script reading. Director Yoon Sukho did not miss a single thing and led the reading with detailed directing. Jang Geunsuk, Yoona, and the other actors acted as if they were actually filming.

Yoona stated, “It was a bit burdensome that the two of us have such conflicting personalities (Editor’s note: Yoona is referring to herself and Jang Geunsuk’s characters), but after working with the director, writer, and other actors, I feel a little more confident. I will do my best with a learning heart.”

The casting of Jang Geunsuk, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, and Kim Sihoo increased fans’ anticipation. “Love Rain” will start filming in September and is scheduled to air at the beginning of 2012.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SNSD to make their comeback on October?

According to an inside music distributor, the girls of SNSD are set to release their new album on October 4th, and they will be making their comeback debut through KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ on October 7th.

Other artists planning on releasing new singles around the same time are even expected to postpone their release dates due to this. SNSD is without a doubt one of the toughest Hallyu groups to compete with, as they are well received not only in Korea but in all of Asia and parts of Europe as well. Insiders in the music industry remarked, “This time around, the rival entertainment agencies will have more questions in regards to the girls’ comeback than the fans themselves.”

This album in particular is especially noteworthy; famous producer Teddy Riley responsible for producing tracks such as Michael Jackson‘s “Dangerous” revealed through his Twitter page that he was currently working with SNSD on their new album. Teddy Riley is no stranger to the KPOP scene, as he has worked with Jay Park and RaNia in the past. There is even talk that this SNSD album has enough potential for the girls to make their breakthrough in the States, to follow their success in Asia and in Europe.

However, keep in mind that this is a rumor based on an insider and the date of their comeback has not been officially confirmed. SM Entertainment informed StarToday on the 20th, “We may need to adjust the date, depending on how quickly Soo Young is able to recover.” Soo Young was involved in a severe car accident back on August 29th and fractured a few bones. Because of her current state, she was unable to participate in the SMTOWN LIVE performances in Tokyo or the SNSD concert in Taiwan.

Source & Image : StarToday via Nate

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Plastic Surgeons Rank the Best Looking Male and Female Idols

For the first time ever, the number of idol groups promoting in the market will hit 100 by the end of the year. Their popularity is often determined by their fans, but what do the professionals in the industry think of them?

E-Daily recently brought together 30 vocal trainers, 27 choreographers, and 18 plastic surgeons to rank the idols according to vocal talent, dancing, and looks. Check out who they ranked as the top in terms of look below!

As for the females, SNSD came out on top with a total of nine points in the group category. One director from Won Jin Plastic Surgery stated, “They match a variety of looks from girlish to sexy and even cute.”

T-ara placed second with four points, and f(x) and KARA tied for third with two points each.

“T-ara matches any concept while f(x) has every image needed like sexy, cute, and androgynous,” they continued. Director Seo Young Tae stated, “Overall, the members of KARA have egg-shaped faces with big eyes. Starting with goddess Park Gyuri to Goo Hara, who resembles Amuro Namie, Kang Jiyoung‘s beauty has also been shining lately.”

In the individual member category, SNSD’s YoonA placed first with a total of seven points. “YoonA has a feminine, smooth face, with clear eyes, nose, and lips.”

Yuri and T-ara’s Jiyeon tied in second with three points each, with Yuri having a “friendly image that’s calm and not too extravagant,” while Jiyeon for her “charming and gentle eyes.”

Check out the full results below:

Female Group

1. SNSD (9)

2. T-ara (4)

3. KARA / f(x) (2)

Female Group member

1. YoonA (7)

2. Yuri / Jiyeon (3)

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver

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Monday, September 19, 2011

World star Yoona dazzles with October issue of 'InStyle'

Without realising it, she gradually changed from a ‘SoNyeo’, to one who is more suitable with the word ‘lady’. Therefore, ‘mature’ clothes now suit her pretty well. YoonA, who stands in front of the camera wearing a ‘see-through’, tells her story of being a twenty-two years old girl.

YoonA had a bite of her sandwich the moment she arrived at the studio. While putting fried potatoes into her mouth, she started mumbling,

“I arrived late from Tokyo last night. When I woke up this morning, I was preparing to come over to the shooting set. Since I didn’t get to eat, I’m very hungry now. Can I eat a little more while we’re on the set? (laughter)”

Watching her eating fried potatoes from the sandwich, and even started drinking carbonated drink, staffs asked her if she was on diet.

She said, “We are enduring this as ‘bab-shins’ (Gods of rice). On the internet, people made the ‘SNSD’s 800 calories food list’ and we don’t even know who made it. Members are all eating well, so that is not true.”, as she smiled.

Even though she’s supposed to be tired after finishing the Tokyo Dome SMTown concert, which gathered around 150,000 fans, she displayed her bright and cheerful image throughout the shoot, and gave off her charms. The one who wears a swaying see-through one-piece with good image, is none other than YoonA.

YoonA is also a world star who dominates the stages out of cities like Tokyo and Shanghai in Asia, into L.A, Paris, even New York.

“The Europeans know about us and even sing along to our songs. It was amazing. Our songs are able to move the hearts of the people in the world and in fact, they could even touch those who listen to them. With that said, i think our responsibility is also increasing. However, I’m not worried. It’s because when 9 of us are together, I believe there’s nothing that cannot be done. (laughter)”

Lately, YoonA has been indulging in cooking. She’s been learning how to cook, especially her very own “YoonA-Styled Special Steamed Chicken”, certified by other members. She thought of not only learning how to cook Korean food, but also Chinese and Japanese food. She also hinted that she is preparing to meet the people with her ‘actress YoonA’ image.

“I haven’t been participating in acting since the drama ‘Cinderella Man’ 2 years ago. I want to present more good productions that it even tickles my body!”

Even though having endless schedules and many things to do as a member of SNSD, she feels happy. That is because things that she dreamt of are coming true one by one.

After the shoots, she changed into denim pants, black T-shirts and sneakers, once again became the 21-year-old typical university student.

“Woah, it’s such a bright and beautiful day today, it seems like the Paris sky I’ve seen before.”

She said that she usually looks at the sky to calm herself down and she loves to take pictures of the sky. In addition, she said that if there is a chance, she wishes to open a photoshoot studio of her own. The afternoon when we met her, seemed as beautiful as her, as lovely as her and as dazzling as her.

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Girls’ Generation to Appear on “Running Man”

Girls’ Generation will be starring on the SBS show “Running Man”.

On September 19th, Jo Hyojin PD, who is in charge of directing the show, told Star News, “Six members of Girls’ Generation, Yoona, Yuri, Jessica, Seohyun, Taeyeon, and Hyoyeon, took part in the shoot today. When Girls’ Generation members appeared, the male members of ‘Running Man’ couldn’t close their mouths.”

The day’s shoot went on as an upgraded version of the “best friend race” that was aired on August 7th. Missions were completed with the six Girls’ Generation members paired up with “Running Man” members.

Jo PD added, “Girls’ Generation members were really into it during the shoot, filling in Song Jihyo’s empty spot, who is currently in the hospital. We’ll know for sure after editing, but I’m anticipating good results.”

Girls’ Generation’s episode will be broadcast on October 2nd.

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Yoona Confirmed to Star in New Drama “Love Rain”

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Jang Geunseok are expected to sign on to play lovers in a new drama. Yoona is in the final stages of being placed as the female lead in the drama “Love Rain” scheduled to air in the first half of next year.

It appears that Yoona’s casting has been confirmed by the drama’s PR firm. She will play the dual role of Kim Yoonhee, a college student in the 1970s, and also her daughter Kim Yuri in present time. In regards to the drama role, Yoona said, “It’s an honor and like a dream come true to be able to work with Yoon Seokho PD, as I remember his dramas ‘Autumn Tale’ and ‘Winter Sonata’ as ones that touched my heart. It’ll be my first drama in a while, so I will do my best to meet the expectations everyone has.”

Also, Yoon Seokho, the PD of the drama, praised Yoona by saying, “I’m confident Yoona’s distinct fresh girlishness and ladylike innocent beauty will make the fairytale-like youthful love story shine even brighter.”

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

SNSD Vitamin Song Lyric


An awkward smile
Tired drooping shoulders
About to cry any minute now
I saw that side of you

Why are you acting like this
Even people like me are living just fine

It's no fun if everything works out well the first time around~

(Now wipe your tears) Even though this endless harsh work makes me tired, I'm okay
Spread out those closed wings once again
Let's take on the world
V.I.T.A.M.I.N my small present for you~
I'm always on your side
Please remember that
I love you~ I'm your vitamin


eosaekhage heullin miso
himeobsi cheojin du eokkae
geumbangirado ool deuthan
neoui moseubeul bwaseo

neodabjianhge wae geureoni
nagateun aedo jal saneunde

cheoeumbuteo jeonbu jal dwemyeon jaemieobseo~

(ja nunmul dakkgo) kkeut eobsi pyeolchyeojin i heomhan ili nal himdeulge haedo na gwaenchanha
oomcheuryeottdeon nalgaereul dasi jjookpyeo
sesangeul jeonbu gajyeo boja
V.I.T.A.M.I.N neol wihan nae jakeun seonmulhana~
nan hangsang nipyeon
kkok gieokhaejwo
saranghae~ naneun neoui vitamin


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

SNSD Vitamin Song [Vita 500]

i think 0:17 - 0:23 is Yoona's part..if it is, then her voice has really improved!!! love Yoona!!!

Yoona Vita500 AR Personal Picture

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

YoonA’s “Genie” costume sells for over $6,000 USD!

SNSD member YoonA stunned the audience when she revealed that her costume for “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” was sold for 6,700,000 won (approximately $6,200 USD)!

On September 13th, an auction was held on MBC‘s Chuseok special program, ‘Star Auction Show‘, which hosted collectors items from various stars. The stylish costume YoonA had worn for the “Tell Me Your Wish” MV was sold at 6,700,000 won.

YoonA was stunned by the skyrocketing auction bids, as she estimated that it would only draw 2 million won, even though professionals had appraised it for 7 million won. The stylist who created the costume was surprised as well, since YoonA had worn the costume more than 10 times.

The proceeds from the auction will be donated to charities.

Source: Economy Today via Nate