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SNSD’s Yoona is beautiful inside and out

SNSD’s Yoona is drawing a lot of attention with her handwritten letter.

An online community recently posted a picture of letters with the caption, “Yoona’s sweet handwritten letters.”

The picture features letters that Yoona wrote to the staff members of the TV series Love Rain and to her fans before her group held the first concert.

Yoona wrote to the staff members, “Thank you so much and you did a very good job. Thank you so much for helping me so that I can look pretty through the screen.”

She also wrote to her fans, “SNSD’s first concert will finally start tomorrow. I’m so excited to see pink balloons at the concert and I’m not sure if my heart will be okay. I was out of my mind and I made a lot of mistakes while practicing choreography. Please forgive me if I make mistakes tomorrow. Beloved Sone, see you soon.”

Yoona is well known as a star who has been writing letters to her fans to express her gratitude. She also wrote letters to each staff member of the series Love Rain in May.

Source :  Xportsnews

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