Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jang Geun Suk Wrote A Song For Girls’ Generation Yoona In First Korean Full Length Album

Although he has previously participated in Korean drama OSTs and released albums in Japan, Jang Geun Suk will mark his official entry into the music world as a bona fide singer with the release of his official full length album “Just Crazy” for the Korean market.

Music producer Choi Chul Ho, who’s known for collaborating with Jang Geun Suk on his debut Japanese single “Let Me Cry” and other works like drama OSTs for “Chuno” and “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” took charge of this album. The Japanese debut single rose to the top on both Oricon’s daily and weekly chart, showing his immense star power.

Jang Geun Suk has shared that he composed a song for Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and also wrote the lyrics. They had previously worked together on KBS’s drama “Love Rain” where he had the chance to see her up close and be inspired. This song “In My Dream” is included in the album.

The album titled “Just Crazy,” meaning to be crazy in everything one does, with passion and enthusiasm. It will lean towards the rock genre and shows off his crazy and sexy appeal. It’s been noted that there are already 130,000 pre-orders from Japan’s Tower Records.

The album “Just Crazy” is scheduled to be released on November 28. There’s no news whether he’ll make rounds and perform on the local music shows.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yoona Makes a Brief Appearance on ‘Strong Heart’

On November 6th, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona made a brief appearance on SBS’s “Strong Heart” as part of a farewell episode for Super Junior’s Leeteuk, a regular cast member of “Strong Heart” who recently left the show and concluded his other activities to enlist in the South Korean army.
During the episode, Yoona revealed that one year ago, Leeteuk had said he was going to enlist in the army. However, whenever she would ask, “When are you going to the army?”, he always answered, “I’m going to go soon.”

Yoona also explained Leeteuk invited her and other artists under SM Entertainment to an MT (editor’s note: membership training, a chance for co-workers or schoolmates to bond through various activities). However, rather than lead the event, Leeteuk instead stayed inside a room to watch TV and play on his cell phone.

Leeteuk explained that he had planned on giving quizzes and prepared prizes, but that Shim Jaewon played music at the MT for three hours. He said, “Everyone was having so much fun that they were just dancing, so I didn’t think there was anywhere for me to fit in.”

MC Shin Dongyup later asked Yoona if she planned to visit Leeteuk when he enlists. She answered, “If my schedule permits.”

Yoona continued, “While he is Super Junior’s leader, I feel that he also played a role as SM artists’ leader really well, and if he’s not in that position anymore, I wonder who is going to create good atmospheres like him.”

Finally, Yoona gave Leeteuk a signed copy of Girls’ Generation’s “MR. TAXI” album, saying, “If it would become of any help, this is to give him strength, with little messages. It’s a gift that’s not really like a gift.”

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Thursday, November 1, 2012