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SNSD Yoona receives tons of love and attention

Pictures of SNSD’s Yoona receiving tons of love and attention from her fans were recently released.
The pictures, which were taken on the set for KBS’s series Love Rain, starring Yoona and Jang Keun Suk, were posted on SM Town Facebook.

Yoona’s fansites supported Yoona by sending treats, uniforms, toilet kits, and tumblers for the staff members. They also sent presents to SM Entertainment’s staff members.

For Yoona, they sent a stool, with Yoona’s name carved on it, toiletries, a first aid kit, a writing implement to check her script, a portable LED lamp, an i-pad holder for her car, a sterilizer for her toothbrush, and more.

Yoona left a message and her autograph to thank her fans and Jang also left a note saying, “I enjoyed the meal.”

People responded: “Yoona’s supporters are daebak.” “They have everything. I just envy her.” “Yoona is very lucky to have those fans.” “I’m so surprised that I can’t shut my mouth.” “Cheer up Yoona!”

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Yoona Answers Questions About Acting in ‘Love Rain’

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Yuri are going head to head in dramas, and it has been revealed that they are burdened by the comparison of their acting skills.

On April 27th, Yoona met with reporters in Sangsudong where KBS 2TV’s “Love Rain” was filming. She gave her honest opinion on the citizens’ thoughts. Yoona was asked about the comparison between her and Yuri’s acting skills. She replied, “Our worries are different. It’s Yuri’s first time acting while it is time for me to strengthen my path as an actress”, and “I was surprised when I first saw Yuri acting. It was much better than my first time”.

Also, she explained the change in her acting, saying, “It’s been two years since I last acted, and during the two years, I feel like I matured a lot. While I’m reading the script, my field of vision on dramas becomes wider. If I looked at only my character before, now I think about the drama in general and then analyze my character.”

When asked about Girls’ Generation members’ reactions when they watched “Love Rain”, Yoona replied, “They all said they liked that I came out very pretty. They were especially surprised at the kiss scene.”

Sooyoung was selected as the member who monitors her the best. Yoona said, “Sooyoung unnie personally recorded my Japanese lines. I always listened to it right before I started acting, and from time to time, I was surpised because Sooyoung’s tone of voice popped out in my lines.”

Sources: Osen, KBS
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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA discusses Suzy’s acting + how she feels about negative comments

Girls’ Generation member YoonA revealed her desire to take on a role in a major film.
YoonA recently attended the press conference for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Love Rain‘ held in Seoul April 27th.

I always watch the projects that feature my peers,” she said. “I heard a lot of good things about Suzy‘s acting in ‘Introduction to Architecture‘, so I saw it. The backdrop is pretty similar to ‘Love Rain’. Suzy was so perfect for her role, she fit like a glove.”

When asked “Did you receive a casting offer for ‘Introduction to Architecture’?”, she responded, “I didn’t even know about the movie until they finished filming it,” and cutely pouted for the camera.
I don’t have any experience filming a movie,” she continued. “If ever given the opportunity, I would like to play a character as pretty and innocent as Suzy’s.”

I want to try to play a “bad” character too, but I think people watching me will feel awkward,” she said with a laugh.

YoonA’s drama ‘Love Rain’ drew major interest ahead of it’s pilot episode, as it is a project by PD Yoon Suk Ho who in the past worked on hits such as ‘Autumn Story‘ and ‘Winter Sonata‘.
However, the ratings are lower than expected, drawing in an average of 5% viewer ratings despite being 10 episodes in.

My first drama ‘You’re My Destiny‘ drew in about 40% of viewer ratings,” YoonA said. “Back then, I didn’t know those ratings were high, but I realized they were pretty impressive when I filmed ‘Cinderella Man‘.

Back then when I saw negative comments, I used to laugh it off, but these days I find them very hurtful,” she added. “I think now is a time for me to develop and become stronger.”

Source : IlganSports via Nate

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YoonA comments on Girls’ Generation’s hectic schedule and physical health

Singer and actress YoonA of Girls’ Generation discussed the hectic schedule and outstanding physical health of the group’s members.

During an interview on April 27th for KBS 2TV‘s drama ‘Love Rain‘, YoonA commented, “It’s a killer schedule… I think that it’s a little different from the other actors. Though other actors can usually rest after filming for the drama, there’s either an endorsement shoot to go to or etc., Even when there’s no drama filming for the day, I can’t rest because I need to either practice with the other Girls’ Generation members or fulfill another thing in my schedule. I think that’s why I hear [that it must be tough].”

She went on, “Truthfully, I do get tired sometimes. But the bright side is that since there are 9 members, we can split up work. Sometimes a few of us shoot for an endorsement deal first or we share activities… Though everyone’s busy, no one has fainted yet (Laughs).”

YoonA then revealed that the girls sometimes joke around about ways to get out of their hectic lifestyle, stating, “Among the members, we’ll joke, ‘Someone please faint or something. We need to rest.’ I think everyone’s very physically strong and healthy. We all exercise a lot as well.”

Source: Osen

Girls’ Generation members were shocked to see Yoona and Jang Geun Seuk’s kiss scene!

Yoona revealed her group members’ reactions after seeing her kiss scene with Jang Geun Suk in ‘Love Rain’.

On April 27th, during a recording of the Monday-Tuesday KBS 2TV drama ‘Love Rain’, which was held in Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, an on-location interview was conducted with the ‘Love Rain’ cast. Yoona was asked, “What is the reaction of the Girls’ Generation members after seeing you in the drama ‘Love Rain’?”

Yoona replied, “Not long ago there was a kiss scene with Jang Geun Suk, and after seeing that, the members were all shocked saying that the kiss was too deep”. She carried on, “I was also shocked after seeing it too. It didn’t seem so bad at the time when we were filming it, but actually seeing it on screen was quite different. It was quite deep.”

She also added, “At the time of filming the kiss scene, because Jang Geun Suk’s character was a playboy, it was his responsibility to ‘lead’ the kiss. This scene would have been harder and more embarrassing for Jang Geun Suk than me. All I had to do was stand still and get kissed.”

Yoona also talked about the kiss scene between Yuri and Lee Jae Hoon on SBS’s drama ‘Fashion King’ and how it caused a fun argument at the dorm. “Yuri and I would argue whose kiss scene was ‘deeper’. But in the end, the other members would just close the argument with “both of your kiss scenes were extreme”.”

Meanwhile, in the drama ‘Love Rain’, Yoona plays the character of a modern day girl of 2012 called Jung Hana, as well as a character based in the 70s called Kim Yoon Hee.


How does Girls’ Generation’s YoonA feel about being compared to Yuri?

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA expressed the burden she feels about having her acting compared to the skills of fellow member Yuri.

On April 27th, YoonA met with reporters at the vicinity of her shooting location for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Love Rain‘, where she candidly revealed her thoughts on the drama.

When asked how she felt about being compared to Yuri’s acting skills, YoonA answered, “Our stress factors are different. This is Yuri unnie’s first time acting, but I am at the stage where I have to solidify my path as an actress. I was very surprised after seeing Yuri’s acting because she is so much better than I was during my first project.” 

She added, “I rested from acting for two years, but I think I matured a lot during that time. Whether it’s working with the other actors or analyzing the script, my eyes for seeing the work have widened. Let’s say if I only looked at my parts in the past, now I look at the work as a whole to grasp my role.”
YoonA was then asked about the reaction she received from the other Girls’ Generation members for ‘Love Rain’. YoonA responded, “Everyone says I come out so pretty in the drama and likes it. In particular, they were all very surprised after watching the kiss scene.”

YoonA then chose Sooyoung as the member who monitors her acting the most, stating, “Sooyoung unnie personally recorded the Japanese dialogue for me. Because I would listen to the recording to practice before the scenes, there were times where I spoke in Sooyoung unnie’s tone, which left me very surprised.”

Source: OSEN

Jang Geun Suk “I Think I Have Fallen in Love with YoonA”

Jang Geun Suk “I Think I Have Fallen in Love with YoonA”

Recently the filming set for “Love Rain” located at the “Yoons Color Four Season House” was revealed. Jang Geun Suk met with the press and talked about YoonA’s character “Hana.” Jang Geun Suk stated, “I’m not only speaking on behalf of my character, but also as the real Jang Geun Suk, ‘Hana’ is a very loveable girl.”

He continued, “Isn’t the romance between my character and Hana so beautiful? While acting, the charm of Hana came to me like it was real. That is why while acting I actually felt butterflies. I think I am in love.”

He also stated that he felt like he was going through puberty again because he has a lot of time to think back on his life.

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Yoona and Jang Keun Suk Share Romantic Fountain Kisses

Love Rain’s 21st century couple Jang Keun Suk and Yoona will set sail on their romance with a three-step fountain kiss.

In the April 23 broadcast of KBS2’s Love Rain, Jang Keun Suk and Yoona will share a kiss after their first date.

The couple plans to turn up the romance with not one, but three kisses coming end on end.

During the shoot for the scene, the two continued to burst into laughter and produce a lot of blooper footage before actually succeeding at the three-step fountain kiss while being rained down on by the fountain.

The middle-aged Jung Jin Young and Lee Mi Sook couple will also be expressing their emotions toward each other as Jung Jin Young proposes to Lee Mi Sook with baby’s breath flowers.

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Viewers Want Rerun of Yoona’s Sexy Modelling Practice

The scene of “sexy styling exercise” by SNSD’s Yoona in KBS drama “Love Rain” is receiving much attention.

In episode 7 of “Love Rain” broadcast on April 16th, 2012, Seo Joon (Jang Geun Suk) entrusts Ha Na (Yoona) as model for CF.

On the day’s program, Ha Na who is chased out from the studio by Seo Joon saw a model who is filming the CF, and whims to have a practice on sexy modelling, provoking laughter.

Yoona honks the mouth and blinks the eyes, putting in effort to display her sexiness, but ultimately makes her looks even more lovely.

Netizens who watched the drama live said, “The sexy modelling training of Yoona is too cute!”, “Yoona’s sexy modelling training, please rerun again”, “The sexy styling training of Yoona looks even more fresh” and so on.

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SNSD Yoona’s cuteness is beyond imagination!

Lovely still-cuts of Yoona from KBS 2TV’s Love Rain is creating a stir.
The cuts taken behind the scenes of Love Rain where Yoona plays the role of both Yoon Hee from the 70s, and Hana from year 2012, attract netizens attention.

In the series, Yoona is attracting many viewer’s interest by playing the role of the bright and lively Jung Hana. Her sullen look that she expresses when she gets irritated by Seo Joon (played by Jang Keun Suk)’s mean manners, attracted many netizens’ attention and have been named, “Poo Hana.”
Her look not only shows the characteristics of Hana but also shows the cheery and fresh side of Yoona as well. Everyone at the shooting site loves her due to the friendly atmosphere she creates with her vivaciousness.

An acquaintance of the series reveals, “Hana and Yoona have so many similarities. Many staff members about compliment about her bright and cheerful attitude even though the shooting itself is very tiring and exhausting.”

A preview of Love Rain heralded a kiss scene between Seo Joon and Hana while drinking. The ninth episode, which airs on April 23, will unravel the story.

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Yoona Impresses with Her Improved Acting Skills in ‘Love Rain’

Yoona has been impressing with not only her incredible good looks, but also with her portrayal of two different characters in “Love Rain”. Now a third of the way through just her third drama, Yoona’s improved acting skills have been catching the eyes of critics.
Kim Yoonhee, the 70s college student, and Jung Hana, the bright and quirky present day girl, are polar opposites. The former is calm and deliberate, the latter cute and cheerful. As Yoon Ga-ee of OSEN writes of Yoona’s acting, “She doesn’t just put her pretty visuals forth. She has been capturing the screen with rich emotions and polished expressions. Viewers’ eyes can only be kind towards this ‘actress’ Yoona.” In her scenes as Kim Yoonhee, Yoona plays her character very calmly and exhibits her feelings with subtle facial expressions and movement that draw the audience into the serene setting that director Yoon Sukho has created.

The transition to the present day allowed Yoona to showcase her skills even more with the younger character, Jung Hana. Yoona’s natural exuberance flows freely through Hana, but her ability to effectively portray a wide range of emotions has improved dramatically. Choi Inkyung of Review Star says of Yoona, “Her laughing and crying, which was only pretty before, has certainly changed. She drew tears from viewers when she cried giving up on her first love, senior Taesung (Kim Youngkwang), and made viewers laugh with her awkward and funny body movements in front of the camera.” Indeed, Yoona is able to take the audience on an emotional roller coaster through her nuanced portrayal of Hana. She makes sure that a fully developed and deep character with many sides is shown. In the latest episode, Choi Inkyung says Yoona was prettier than ever, continuing, “Of course, it could have been her pretty clothes and makeup, but more than anything, her facial expressions and ever improving acting were the biggest reasons behind it. After always having carried the ‘idol origin’ label, Yoona is completely immersed in her character and has now become ‘Hana’ herself.”

“Love Rain” is Yoona’s third drama after “You Are My Destiny” and “Cinderella Man”. Even though she is a veteran singer in Girls’ Generation, she is still considered a rookie as an actress. Yoona’s improvement has come as a bit of a surprise for critics, not because it wasn’t possible, but because she improved in her acting while at the same time performing all around the world in Girls’ Generation. She has taken the criticism from her previous acting experiences and used it to become even better, practicing hard at every opportunity. Yoon Ga-ee writes, “The speed at which her acting is improving is blinding. She has matured to the point where you want to ask, ‘When did her acting get so good?’ The criticism that trailed behind her during ‘Cinderella Man’ is now nowhere to be found.”
Yoona has met the challenge of playing two different roles in the same drama. Perhaps the most impressive part of Yoona’s acting is the fact that she is breaking free of the “idol-actor” stereotype and showing that she can be considered simply as an actress rather than as an idol who also acts. The future is bright for actress Yoona.

Sources: OSEN via Nate, Review Star, KBS
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Yoona’s Goddess-Like Beauty Shines in ‘Love Rain’

Girls’ Generation member Yoona, who stars as Jung Ha Na in KBS’ Love Rain, has gone glam in the latest episode of the drama.

Yoona’s frumpy, walking fashion disaster character, Ha Na, transforms into photographer Seo Joon’s (played by Jang Keun Suk) muse and model on the April 16 broadcast of the drama.

Although her character appeared awkward in front of the camera, donning bold, printed and metallic pieces for the fictional shoot, Yoona’s goddess-like beauty remained a constant.

Love Rain airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

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Girls' Generation's YoonA Shows Off Her Perfect Proportions

Girls’ Generation member YoonA’s prettiness and perfect proportions once again sparked attention. Recently, local news agencies picked up on a photo of YoonA that circulated on the Internet through various online community sites. The photo shows the idol in the midst of shooting a commercial.

The report revealed that the commercial shoot took place on April 12 in a studio in Gyeonggi Province. In the picture, YoonA is seen posing in a pink and white short dress, showing off her long legs in stiletto heels. Her windswept curls, small face and elongated body shape attract further attention.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “It’s YoonA the goddess,” “I need the information on how to have that kind of body,” “She has a beautiful body,” and other such reactions.

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'Love Rain' Episode 7

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YoonA’s three second stare on ‘Love Rain’ captures attention

YoonA‘s “three second stare” scene in KBS2′s ’Love Rain‘ has become a hot topic.

The “three second stare” scene, featured in one of the drama’s teasers, between Suh Joon (Jang Geun Suk) and Hana (YoonA) was aired on the April 9th episode of the drama.

Suh Joon and Hana return from watching ‘Diamond Snow’, but when their car breaks down on the road, they’re forced to walk the rest of the way to the hot springs. After the ordeal, the two finally make their way to the springs where they sit side-by-side and start a conversation on their differing attitudes towards love.

Suh Joon, who is known to be a player, revealed, “I don’t believe in love. My father could never forget his first love and was always unhappy.” Hana responded, “Although my mother was unable to forget her first love, she was happy because of those memories. I want to experience that kind of love,”staring at Jang Geun Suk with a distressed expression.

Viewers who saw the episode commented, “I almost lost my breath seeing YoonA stare into the camera for three seconds,” and “I am envious of Jang Geun Suk.

Source: Asia Kyungje

via NaverTaken


'Love Rain' Episode 6

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SNSD Tiffany - Because It's You (Love Rain OST)

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Because It's You
[Lyrics Translation]

미안하단 말 하지 말아요
Don't say that you are sorry
내게 사랑은 끝이 아닌데
This isn't the end of our love to me
이렇게 우리 헤어진다면
If we part like this
어떡해요 어떡해요
What should I do, what should I do

*사랑 하나뿐이데 사랑할수 없고
I only have you as my love, but I'm not able to love
정말 하고 싶은 말 할수도 없는데
Those words that I really want to say, I'm not able to tell you
점점 멀어져가는 사랑이 지키지 못할 말들이
Words telling me that we can't keep our love from gradually breaking apart
날 울게 하네요
Make me cry

고맙다는 말 하지 말아요
Don't say that you are thankful
내 모든 사랑 주고 싶은데
I want to give you all my love
이렇게 우리 남이 된다면
If we become strangers like this
어떡해요 어떡해요
What should I do, what should I do

Repeat *

사랑해요 사랑해서
I love you, because I love you
What should I do

아픈 사랑이라도 괜찮아
It’s ok even if love is painful
지워도 지울수 없는 그대니까
Because you are the one I can never forget
슬픈 운명이라도 그대를 보낼수 없어
Even if you are my sorrowful destiny, I can’t let go of you
Because it’s you, the one I love

내겐 그대니까요
Because to me, you are the one

Trans: @imwhywhy

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Yoona's Cut on KBS Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date

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Yoona to Appear on KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date’

Chaos consumed the streets of Insadong, a neighborhood in Seoul, as a sea of fans surrounded Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, who was hard at work filming for KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date”. On the show, Yoona showcased her charms by giving witty responses to questions from the show’s host.

When asked a sensitive question about the viewer ratings for the first few episodes of “Love Rain”, Yoona answered honestly and revealed, “It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t concerned.” However, Yoona also showed her endless love for the drama by saying, “The actors and staff both have trust and love for the drama, so it will do well.”

In addition, she also gave a hint about her future kiss scene in “Love Rain” with co-star Jang Geunsuk, saying that her kiss scene was the weakest compared to the scenes of her group members Jessica and Yuri in “Wild Romance” and “Fashion King”. Yoona then added, “Jang Geunsuk is very lucky with all his female counterparts [in dramas],” causing the audience to laugh.

Finally, Yoona spoke about the change in her ideal types of men, future plans for marriage, and the relationship between the members of Girls’ Generation, showing her unique sense of appeal.

Yoona’s appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date” will be aired tonight, April 7th, at 9:15PM KST.

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Girls’ Generation YoonA’s Response Regarding “Love Rain’s” Low Ratings

Girls’ Generation YoonA’s Response Regarding “Love Rain’s” Low Ratings

Recently, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA recorded an episode of guerrilla date with KBSEntertainment Relay” in the streets of Insadong. Fellow Girls’ Generation members Jessica and Yuri received much attention for their steamy kiss scenes in their respective dramas, and YoonA expressed discontent that her kiss scene was the weakest. She also hinted that she had one that would be much more memorable in the near future. In the middle of the interview, YoonA also declared, “Jang Geun Suk has been blessed with great luck when it comes to his female co-stars,” making those around her laugh.

Regarding the disappointing ratings, YoonA honestly stated, “It would be a lie if I said that I don’t care about the ratings.” She continued, “All the cast and crew have great faith and passion towards the project, so things will get better in the future.” In the upcoming episode, YoonA will also talk about her change in ideal type, future marriage plans, and relationship with fellow Girls’ Generation members. YoonA's guerrilla date will air tomorrow, April 7, at 9:15PM KST on KBS "Entertainment Relay."

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YoonA topped ‘First Love Icon’ poll on Monkey3

YoonA has emerged as the no.1 ‘First Love Icon’.

Music site ‘Monkey3′ carried out a survey entitled ‘Who is the everlasting first love icon?’ from March 29th to April 4th on 259 participants. From the result published, YoonA, who played both In-Ha and YoonHee in KBS 2TV’s drama ‘Love Rain’ took the no.1 spot with a total of 103 votes.

Suzy of miss A who played the role of a university student, Seoyeon in the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture’ came in 2nd garnering 18% of the total votes. Han Ga-In took the 3rd spot with 13%, followed by Lee MinJung in 4th (11%), Son HyeJin in 5th (10%) and Shin SeKyung in the 6th spot with 9%.


Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has caused a scene on the streets of Insadong in Seoul

  • 5th April

  • 05
RT @DramaAsian 사랑비 SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has caused a scene on the streets of Insadong in Seoul. April 5, several individuals spotted Yoona on the bustling Insadong street in Seoul and uploaded pictures. It was revealed Yoona was filming for KBS’ Section TV Entertainment Relay for its ‘Guerilla Date’ corner.Wearing a jacket and simple long, black skirt with a red hat, Yoona’s presence freezed up the Insadong area as fans and viewers clamored to get a closer look of the singer and actress, take pictures and ask for autographs.Netizens commented on the photos saying, “I’m so envious of those that were in Insadong that day”, “She really is the hottest star right now” and “How can I wait until the episode is broadcast?”

On April 5, several individuals spotted Yoona on the bustling Insadong street in Seoul and uploaded pictures. It was revealed Yoona was filming for KBS’ Section TV Entertainment Relay for its ‘Guerilla Date’ corner.

Wearing a jacket and simple long, black skirt with a red hat, Yoona’s presence freezed up the Insadong area as fans and viewers clamored to get a closer look of the singer and actress, take pictures and ask for autographs.

Netizens commented on the photos saying, “I’m so envious of those that were in Insadong that day”, “She really is the hottest star right now” and “How can I wait until the episode is broadcast?”

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‘Love Rain’ Featured at French International Entertainment Event

Yoona’s new drama, “Love Rain”, is being featured at an annual international entertainment event in Cannes, France. Held from April 1st through the 4th, the 2012 MIPTV is an international event for marketing and purchasing entertainment content.

The website for the 2012 MIPTV gives a brief synopsis of the love story that takes place in the 70s and present day, and showcases Yoona as the main actress, saying she is “a member of ‘Girls’ Generation’ who is winning popularity in Europe and America as well as Asia.”

From the start, “Love Rain” was marketed as a Hallyu drama aiming for overseas success in Japan and abroad. “Love Rain” is currently number one on the interested list of international buyers. According to those at the event, the drama has three things that are necessary for international promotions: Director Yoon Sukho, Jang Geunsuk, and Girls’ Generation.

Yoona helped Girls’ Generation gain popularity in Korea with her previous dramas, and she is poised to do the same overseas with her dual roles in “Love Rain”.

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