Monday, May 10, 2010

mqa ambassador..(@_@) maleh to read all d facts stuff!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

post practicum 3..

fuhh..finally..prcticum is over..well..lotsa things happened..tears n joy all d way..simply said, lets juz say dat ive gained LOTS of experience dis time glad dat ive made some new friends too..

now..after prcticum, bck in mktb..sigh..hv 2 get ready for exams..hate it!!..n i juz found yesterday dat im one of d maths' 'ambassadors' for d mqa..mmg xd org lain kn..ugh..i dun care..i wanna fight for myself..its juz not fair..pfolio oso they want frm me..n now mqa??!!..gosh, i really need a break frm all dis..

well..i'll be updating more info bout dat later..o more..hmm..i might b losing a fren..huhu..juz some misunderstanding dat getting outta hand..enuff said..(@_@)