Friday, December 31, 2010

unplanned reunion..

met up wit my two old been than 10 yrs since the last time we gathered..n when i say 'gathered', i mean being in d same class..hehe..

well, u see..i was an advanced student..meaning dat i didnt go to Year 4, but straight to Year 5 when i was 10 coz i passed some test called PTS (Penilaian Tahap Satu), both of em were in d same class wit me from Year 1 till Year 3..not many memories dat i cld remember, but we were close frens..anyhow, we exchanged 'hyes' n 'helos' throughout d years coz lets face it, we still studied in d same school..difference?? i was their senior..hihi..

so today, i got a call frm one of em..asking me if i want to first i was kinda afraid dat it would b awkward for us to hang out..i mean, how can one reminiscing school years when u juz had only 3 years together?? crazy, rite?? but surprisingly, we had a awkwardness at was like we talk to each other evryday..bottom line, i had fun!! hope dat we could do it again..;j

these are some of the photos we took when lepak-ing..ntah ke mana je la ktorg g..hikhik..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

obsessed wit k-pop & SNSD Yoona!!

well, lemme first clarify dat im not a k-pop expert as im juz beginning to luv, if there's any mistakes in my writing, maapkn je le yea..;p

um, my sis has always been a k-pop fanatic..she would always listened to her fav k-pop i guess i was first attracted to the korean music wave dat way..kes terpengaruh la ni..hee..still, i dun listen to ALL of the songs like my sis..i got some of my own fav korean celebrities..ryte now, im totally obsessed wit SNSD songs; along wit its members esp yoona..

omg!! she's so so cute!! n her personality totally rocks..i juz cant get enough of her natural beauty..the last time i felt dis way about a celebrity was wit siti nurhaliza..n dat was YEARS now i find myself searching on her videos on youtube evry single day..huhu..waste of time, i know..but wat can i say..i luv her!!

so these are some of her cute photos..juz wanna share em..n btw, its only a few days before 2011..hv u made ur new year resolutions??

Friday, December 17, 2010

my bestfriend is getting married!!

omg2!! i couldnt believe bestfriend; eda, is d first to get married amongst our so-called-geng..hehe..juz had d mlm berinai at her house today..cant wait for 2moro..omg its gonna b so emotional!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

fren's wedding n NATRAH..

wat an exhausting weekend..let see now..well, on saturday (04-12-2010) me n my bestfren; fadz, went together to sg buloh to attend aisha's wedding..we got lost a bit..hehe..but all is well..;p..i was so so happy to see wana n kima again..fadz also of coz..missed her d r some pics dat we took..

later dat day, i had to pack my things at d condo..da abih blajo la katekn..time to move out!! and on sunday (05-12-2010), me n kima went to see NATRAH..the show was amazing..worth evry penny..hihi..then it was time to angkut all my things..penat wo..had lost counts on how many trips bwk brg ke kete..da la lif slow gle..anyhow, i managed to do it by myself..wpon luka di sana sini..hehe..n now, im back in batu gajah for good!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

im back!!

omg..its been like forever since ive updated dis blog..well, obviously ive been bz for d past few not anymore!!, let me sum up wat had been happening in my life..

~ 1 month internship at sk tmn midah 2, cheras, kl
~ finished my action research (so darn lega btw..;p)
~ lotsa assignments as per usual..
~ a lot..n i mean A LOT of money spent on class trips n activities since its our final yr..boohoo..='(
~ maths final dinner was awesome!!
~ final exams!!
~ done wit my 5 1/2 yrs of degree course (still cant believe it!!)
~ had a really hard time on my last day in IPGKPT
~ it was not easy saying gudbye to friends..god, im gonna miss u all!!

well, dats bout, basically im on my holiday ryte now..n nxt yr i'll start, as a teacher of coz (insya-Allah) juz hoping dat i'll get d nearest school to my house here in batu gajah..hehe..but around ipoh oso not bad..hikhik..dats all i gonna sign off now..really looking forward to my next post..hee~

Monday, May 10, 2010

mqa ambassador..(@_@) maleh to read all d facts stuff!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

post practicum 3..

fuhh..finally..prcticum is over..well..lotsa things happened..tears n joy all d way..simply said, lets juz say dat ive gained LOTS of experience dis time glad dat ive made some new friends too..

now..after prcticum, bck in mktb..sigh..hv 2 get ready for exams..hate it!!..n i juz found yesterday dat im one of d maths' 'ambassadors' for d mqa..mmg xd org lain kn..ugh..i dun care..i wanna fight for myself..its juz not fair..pfolio oso they want frm me..n now mqa??!!..gosh, i really need a break frm all dis..

well..i'll be updating more info bout dat later..o more..hmm..i might b losing a fren..huhu..juz some misunderstanding dat getting outta hand..enuff said..(@_@)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

practicum 3..;(

sory for d late many things to been 2 weeks now since i started my 3rd practicum in s.k tmn midah (2)..wat can sum it up..exhausted..confusion..tired..stress..more confusion..huhu..

wat i dun like d most is dat i keep comparing d school wif my previous prcticum schools..hate it so much when i did dat..hope dat it would b better for d next 10 weeks..10 more weeks to go..sigh..

d best part is..dis friday i'll b goin back 2 batu gajah!!!!..woohoo!!!..cny holidah..gong xi fa chai!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

more bday presents!!

frm my bestfren; tqah..cant believe she remembered!!!!..n o yea..frm miz kima..thanx girls..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

d new bday ring..

hey babes..remember bout d bday ring on my previous entry??..well, got it 2day..its definitely new with a definitely new dsign..huhu..still luv it..thanx fadzlina!!!..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

24/01/ bday yet!!! another surprise bday party 2day..organized by was actually a bday celebration for those who celebrates it on d month of january..myself n other 2 clasmates; sham (25/01) n pian (27/01)..d best part..hv 2 b when d lec; ms nellie, purak-purak brlakon nih..juz 2 get d 3 of us out of d dat others can get ready lar..huhu..kinda funny..

now its official..dis year's bday is d best bday yet..huhu..3 celebrations..3 cakes!!!..woohoo..

Monday, January 25, 2010

bday surprise!! a luvly surprise from housematez..we had a late cake-eating last sweet of them..;j..

n dats not a surprise bday gift from my bestest fren; fadz..she got me a RING!!!..can u believe it??..hikhik..d dsign is so so cute..n thank God dat she noes my taste..huhu..but a lil bit longgar la..she offered me 2 exchange it for a smaller one..but she called me juz now n said dat d smaller ring was sold rite now, i think she told me dat she's gonna gimme a new one..if im not mistaken hal..its d thought dat counts, maybe i'll post d new pics of d ring when i got it yea..omg, i luv her 2 death!!..huhu..thanx fadzlina!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

22 years later..

ahhh..finally..ive been waiting for a whole yr for dis day..its my bday!!!..n im officially 22 yrs young..huhu..dun like 2 use d word 'old'..coz im not..;p

so..lets view dis year's would call it simple, but yet sis was d 1st to wish me a hepy bday..then there were my parents..ahhh..trasa diri ini disayangi..huhu..later dat nite were my bro n sis in law..ingat gak deme yea..;j..n of coz all d text msgs from frens..had a great late nite chat wif one of my best pals n soon 2 b x-housemate; miz tqah..gonna miss her so so much btw..;(

n in d morning, lepak-ing time!!!..hepy2 hour wif my besfrens..farha, tqah n faiza..o yea..n kak mayah too..;j..went to times square n my dear farha blanja me mkn2 at kenny rogers..nyum2..(thnx for d famous amos too!!!), wat is lepak-ing w/out bowling huh??..huhu..2 rounds of bowling is wat i juz need dis time felt a lil ralat la..wish dat my other best girls were there celebrating wif me..fadz, ara, eda n wana..mne kome!!!..

like i said..dis year's bday was simple..but yet was a great celebration for me n im so so thankful 2 Allah for giving me d chance 2 breathe (still..;j) after 22 years of my life..alhamdulillah..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

so so pissed!!!

arghhhh..wat d #%^$@* a lot in mind rite now..action research..proposals..then ttiba lak hv to hand in pfolio for mqa..maths AND english..gosh..carila org lain!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

paranormal activity..

wow..wat a movie..i gotta admit..d first few scenes of d movie made me wanna leave d theater rite was damn kept getting better n better..d movie was simple, yet terrifying..recommended it for all!!!!

action research for maths..

yeay..finally got a topic!!..hope doesnt hv 2 chnge it..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

action research..

sigh..i need an interesting topic!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

final year..yeah baby!!!

ahhh..couldnt blieve how fast time flies..pejam celik pejam celik its been almost 5 1/2 yrs since i started studying in d maktab..n now im in d final year..n next year, posting!!!!..hopefully i'll get sumwhere near..if got in perak even better..but dun wanna think bout it now..rite now, i juz wanna enjoy my final year wif my besfrens..who noes..we might not even see each other anymore after dis (really really hope not)..huhu..but dis two semesters gonna b tough..i sure hope dat i'll b able 2 cope wif it, insya-Allah..wif dat being said, get out of d way ppl..senior year is coming!!!!..later babes..

Friday, January 1, 2010

sazzy falak n nazril idrus' performance songs..

hey babes..its a brand new year..for my 1st post, i choose 2 write bout d two celebrities dat im so so obsessed rite now..huhu..sazzy falak & nazril idrus!!!..still couldnt trima hakikat dat they lost SB3 btw..

d 1st time dat i really strted 2 adore sazzy was when she played shasha in gol n gincu movie..i thought she gave a great performance..n wat do u noe, she even won an award for d for nazril, d 1st time dat i ever heard of him was when he hosted misi suara hati..n i thought..hey, he's kinda cute..n when i heard dat both of them r a couple n tied d knot later, i was so so thrilled..

since then, i was a big fan of them..but not so fanatic lar..well, not until 2009..when they entered sehati berdansa season 3, i was officially their fanatic-crazy-obsessed fan..huhu..they were fantastic on dat show..even broke d rcords of getting 100 marks 3 TIMES!!!..simply amazing..

so, i juz wanna share d luvly songs dat they danced 2 in d show..d songs n pics r not mine yea..;j..later babes..

Week 1 : Impak Maksima by KRU Download

Week 2 : Funky Town Download

Week 3 : Anak Gembala by Sudirman Download

Week 4 : Lagu Happy by Amy Mastura Download

Week 5 : Ku Mahu by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza Download

Week 6 : Twist from the movie Love Aaj Kal

Week 8 : Ratu Novella by The Fabulous Cats Download

Week 9
In Love With You by Jackie Cheung & Regine Velasquez Download
Watimang Landak Download

Week 10
Kurik Kundi by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza Download
PASO DOBLE The Spanish Gipsy Dance Download
Arrazando by Thalia Download