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Yoona Leaves Message on her Birthday

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Everyone who watched and supported 'Love Rain'~
And who wished me happy birthday~ thank you very very much.
I was able to gain strength thanks to you all..
I think I'm given these opportunities to work because of you all, too~
My drama ended well, and received a lot of birthday wishes, so I'm happy~
I also ate with my members~ㅋ
I'm really happy because fans in other countries wished me happy birthday so much!! Thank you~~
SONEs! I feel a lot of things when I look at all the love you give me~
Continue to love me like you do now
And look at everything around me in the same, positive light~
I'm always thankful and.. I love you^^

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Yoona Reflects on Her Time in ‘Love Rain’

Yoona, who starred in KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama, “Love Rain”, (script by Oh Sooyeon, directed by Yoon Sukho), talked with Star News on May 30th through SM Entertainment. She said, “During ‘Love Rain’, I reflected on myself and considered it to be valuable time.”

Yoona continued, “It’s been a while since I was in a drama. ‘Love Rain’ is a drama that has allowed me to experience a lot of different emotions which I couldn’t feel before in my previous works. But above all, it was good to have time to reflect on myself once more.”

Yoona also mentioned, “I was even happier that I got to work with good actors and staff. I will try my best to grow and improve for everyone.”

She also said to the viewers, “Thank you so much to those who showed their support for ‘Love Rain’.” She told them, “Look forward to Yoona’s different image,” adding that, “She will become a more mature actress.”

The last episode of “Love Rain” aired on the May 29th, which brought a conclusion to the love story between Jang Geunsuk and Yoona’s characters, Seo Joon and Jung Hana.

Source: Star News
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Jang Keun Suk and Yoona turn into a Prince & Fairy for “Love Rain” finale

Love Rain has finally ended after successfully running for a period from March 26 to May 29, 2012. It has garnered huge attention among viewers from all countries and many were captivated by it’s alluring cinematography and awe inspiring chemistry between the lead pairs.

Keun Suk and Yoona transformed Love Rain into Romantic drama of the decade by their explosive onscreen chemistry. Love Rain aired it’s finale and viewers were inspired even more by the romantic tandem of Yoona and Suk.

It had the most beautiful ending thus proving it is truly the best romantic drama. Jang Keun Suk looks like a Prince and Yoona like a beautiful fairy for the final episode.
Here are some photos,

Love Rain comes to a splendid end with a kiss between the Prince and Fairy!!!

Credit: Uploaders, tagged, LovingJGS

Happy Birthday, Im Yoona!

To SONEs, with nine significant birthdays every year, you would think that birthday tributes become repetitive and boring as the time goes by. However, when you think more about it, with time, everyone grows and things changes; same applies to us and especially the girls.

Growth is evident in the birthday girl Yoona in the past year, be it in acting, singing and more. Yoona became an all-rounded celebrity as we saw her playing the lead role in drama ‘Love Rain’ opposite Jang Geunseuk, singing and showing off her vocals more in Girls’ Generation’s songs, modelling in magazines and photo shoots, as well as hosting several major events in the past year.

Yoona tried her hand in acting since 2007 with ’9 Ends, 2 Outs’ to ‘Woman of Matchless Beauty’ in 2008 before landing her first leading role in ‘You Are My Destiny’ also in the same year and ‘Cinderella Man’ in 2009. Two years later, it was obvious to everyone that her acting matured with her double roles in ‘Love Rain’ with Kim Yoonhee in the 1970s and her daughter Jung Hana in modern days. The ups and downs in the lives and romance of the two women in different ages touched many to tears as Yoona lived out her passion as an actress.

Although she is the second youngest member of Girls’ Generation, Yoona has a mature side to her along with her fun-loving and bright personality. Throughout the years, Yoona had to deal with comments and criticisms for things she did and did not do, just because she was the face and image of Girls’ Generation. She did not falter despite all that and when given a choice in a recent interview, she said she would continue to play the center role in the group.

If you check out interviews of male celebrities in recent years, chances are that a significant number of them named Yoona as their ideal type; Lee Seunggi, G-Dragon, badminton player Lee Yongdae and more picked the doe-eyed beauty as their ideal types. Besides that, her well-loved beauty has clinched her numerous CFs and endorsements, such as cosmetic brand Innisfree and outdoor wear Eider with actor Lee Minho, which are earning her big bucks, making her the highest earner in Girls’ Generation.

With her popularity, looks and earnings, one would expect Yoona to have the airs of a diva but no. Girls’ Generation has always been known as a humble and modest group despite their achievements and it is no different for Yoona. At the end of filming for ‘Love Rain’, she presented gifts and messages to the staff of the drama as a sign of gratitude for their help throughout filming. It wasn’t only ‘Love Rain’ though; in her past drama, it was revealed that she hand wrote letters and cards for the staff and handed them personally, showing her humble and sincere attitude.

With an individual with a heart as pretty as her looks, it is no wonder that fans everywhere around the world are feeling the joy of the special day, even when we are physically far from the birthday girl. With that, it is hoped that Yoona will be able to spend her birthday with loved ones and that she will rest well after the long and hectic filming for ‘Love Rain’. Happy Birthday Yoona! May this day always be a special one to remember! Hope to see you back with your eight sisters soon!

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'Love Rain' Episode 20 [FINAL]

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YOONA’s letter to Love Rain staff


Thank you very very much for your hard work, and to each and every person i’m so thankful for, “love rain” staff members!!

Thank you very much for helping to make ‘Hana’ [Yoona] look so pretty this entire time!!
It would have been nice if we could have gotten close earlier and talked more. I’m sad~ It was fun meeting all these nice people~!!^^Thank you for your hard work. Always be cautious/take care of your health. 
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YoonA’s childhood photos spotted in ‘Love Rain’

YoonA’s actual past photos made an appearance on KBS 2TV’S drama ‘Love Rain’ which was aired on May 28th.

In this episode, ahead of her eye surgery, Kim YoonHee (played by Lee MiSook) flipped through a photo album with pictures of her daughter Jung HaNa (played by YoonA) when she was still a child.

Filled with the fear of losing her eyesight, Kim YoonHee who was looking at the photos of her daughter said, “I will keep all these in my mind. I think I’ll be missing them a lot”. During this sad scene, the pictures in the photo album caught the attention of the viewers. These photos of ‘Little Jung HaNa’ were actually the real photos of YoonA when she was still a child. The photos served as proof that YoonA is indeed a ‘Motaeminyeo’, which literally means that she is a beauty since she was still in her mother’s womb.

Meanwhile, the final episode (Episode 20) of KBS 2TV ‘Love Rain’ will be aired on May 29th.
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A touching gift of thanks from YoonA

YoonA expressed her gratitude towards the staff of ‘Love Rain’ through a meaningful gift.
On May 29th, a post entitled ‘YoonA’s gift in conjunction with the last filming’ with photos attached was published on an online community board.

In the photos revealed, the gifts were presented by YoonA to the staff of ‘Love Rain’ at the final shooting of the Monday-Tuesday drama. Along with the gift, YoonA also conveyed her gratitude through a message that reads, “All this while, thank you to every staff of ‘Love Rain’. Take this vitamin and stay strong always. Fighting!”. Jang GeunSuk who acted alongside YoonA in the drama also presented T-shirts to the staff as a sign of gratitude for their hard work.

Upon seeing the photos, netizens commented, “As pretty as her face, she has a kind heart as well”, “Both YoonA and the staff have all done well”, “Last time, I think she used to write messages to thank the staff at the end of drama filming too”, “How would the ending of ‘Love Rain’ turn out to be?”.

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Did Jang Keun Suk and Yoona Really Fall in Love?

KBS2’s Love Rain is nearing its end, and Jang Keun Suk and Yoona are now closer than ever. They’ve become so close in fact, that curious eyes continue to wonder whether the two really are going out with each other.
A rep from Love Rain said, “Jang Keun Suk and Yoona won’t stop laughing when they’re together. I think they could be mistaken as lovers.”

Jang Keun Suk and Yoona are currently pouring all their effort into looking like lovers, filming kiss scenes and dates scenes in Hongdae.

When photos from such shoots were released, fans started wondering whether the two really weren’t dating. Their close friendship shown on set lent strength to the rumors.

The rep denied, “You can be mistaken. I think we should just think the rumors are a form of interest. I think such stories came up because of their actual friendship and their acting in the drama. On set, however, it’s not just the two that are close; Seo In Guk, Kim Si Hoo, Kim Young Gwang, everyone is close. Everyone’s such good friends and they’re all similar in age so I guess that’s why such rumors came up.”

The rep finished, “Many say that the air on set won’t be good because the viewership ratings are so low, but it’s actually pretty good. All of the actors are working hard so please send in your support.”
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Yoona and JGS`s Back Hug becomes #1 in Nate search

In the Episode 17 of Love Rain which was aired on 21st May 2012 Jang Keun Suk and Yoona got back together after a long break. Jang hugged Yoona from the back as he was relieved to finally claim her heart for his again. This back hug was very sweet and it soon became a “hot” topic in cyber world too.


Nate is an online web portal in South Korea which is quite famous . In this online community service Jang Keun Suk and Yoona`s back hug became the talk of the town and reached number 1 item to be searched by netizens.

This shows the intense support and interest that Love Rain receives from the viewers. With the series drawing to a close many are curious on what will happen to JooNa couple.

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Jang Geun Suk reveals a proof shot of Yoona’s tiny face

Actor Jang Geun Suk revealed a photo taken with Girls’ Generation member Yoona.

Jang Geun Suk tweeted on the 19th, “If I didn’t dare take a photo with Yoona because I was afraid I would not have hesitated. Yoona’s face is so tiny (I’m uploading this with permission from Yoona)”, and he attached the photo above.

The photo shows Yoona adorably poking her cheek with her index finger. Jang Geun Suk is seen proving his point of how small Yoona’s face is by using his fingers to describe the size. Jang Geun Suk looks cute like a little kid with this tongue slightly sticking out to the side.

Netizens commented on Jang Geun Suk and Yoona’s photo, “I think they are filming. Hwaiting today too guys”, “Yoona looks like an angel. You are so lucky to work with Yoona”, “I’m really enjoying ‘Love Rain’ and both of you have tiny faces”, and so on.

Jang Geun Suk and Yoona are currently starring in the KBS drama ‘Love Rain’ as a couple.

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Yoona Poses with TaeTiSeo at Music Bank Backstage

We have reported about Yoona's surprise appearance on Music Bank yesterday to celebrate TaeTiSeo's first win on Music Bank.

She then followed the girls to the backstage and snapped a group photo with the girls.

She is seen holding TaeTiSeo's trophy while carving an angelic smile.

TaeTiSeo is currently promoting Twinkle on various music shows and Yoona is busy with her drama "Love Rain" filming!

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Yoona Supports TaeTiSeo on their first Music Bank Win

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Yoona Full Cut on Happy Together 3 [Updated]

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Experts Revealed The 'Top 10' Idol Actors

Chosun News gathered a group of experts to survey and analyze K-Pop idols who are also actors. This group complied a list of traits idols need to posses like “Analytical character, speech, and processing fundamentals” to make a good actor.

Based on the result, JYJ's Park Yoochun got the 1st place who is currently cast on Rooftop Prince and followed by SNSD's Im Yoona, the lead actress on Love Rain. U-ie comes in at number three who starred on ‘Ojakgyo Brothers. 2PM's Taecyeon at number 4 who debuted as an actor in the Korean drama Cinderella's Sister and went on to become a main character in the KBS drama Dream High. Miss A's maknae, Suzy got the 5th spot for being cast on Dream High along with Taecyeon. The one who is in the 6th place is none other than ZE:A's Im Siwan who starred on The Moon That Embraces the Sun and followed by T-ara's maknae, Jiyeon for acting on Dream High 2. JYJ's Kim Jaejoong in 8th spot for Protect The Boss. 9th place goes to TVXQ's Changmin of Paradise Ranch. Lastly, SNSD's Kwon Yuri got the 10th spot who is currently cast on Fashion King.

Training to become a singer includes classes on ”pronunciation, vocal training, and step by step use of proper language“. Idols are able to use this training to become singers and help launch a successful acting career. They also receive a leg up in terms of popularity due to the amount of fans they already have from singing. Because of this built in fan base a professor from Sungkyunkwan University’s School of Communication commented that there is a “fierce competition in the ratings…” in regards to producers having a an Idol star in their drama.

Credit: Chosun - Blurb: AfterSchoolDaze
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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA & Jessica talk about their drama kiss scenes

Girls’ Generation members YoonA and Jessica who took on roles in ‘Love Rain‘ & ‘Wild Romance‘ shared some behind-the-scenes stories about their kiss scenes.

On the May 10th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, Jessica opened up about her kiss scene with Lee Dong Wook. “We had to have a couple of takes,” she said. “Only because it was really cold.”

Fellow member YoonA who drew attention for her ‘fountain kiss’ with Jang Geun Suk was asked if it was awkward between the two afterwards. “It felt like we were just acting. We had good rapport and conversed really well,” she answered.

Jessica also revealed that she received a number of pointers from YoonA who was the first member to make her small-screen debut.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate
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Which celebrities look like they came straight out of a comic book?

From May 1st through the 8th, community portal site DC Inside held a survey titled, “Who are the ‘comic boys’ and ‘comic girls’ who look like they came straight out of a comic book?

Out of 48,116 votes, Yoochun took the number one spot with 20,909 votes (43.5%). Yoochun has received much love for his clean and innocent image since his debut days. Recently, his role on “Rooftop Prince” has proved that he not only has a pretty face but great acting skills to back him up.
Following behind Yoochun is TVXQ‘s Changmin with 19,181 votes (39.9%). Changmin is 6’1″ (186cm) tall, has a small chiseled face, and has proportions that any man would be envious of. One Japanese manga artist watched a TVXQ performance and noted, “I didn’t believe that a 2-D man existed in the world, but he was dancing right before my eyes.”

In third place was Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA with 1,492 votes (3.1%). Her innocent appearance, slender figure, and playful personality has made her popular. She has also been referred to as the ideal type for many men.

Other notable mentions include SHINee‘s Minho, Kim Hyun Joong, and MBLAQ‘s Thunder.

Source: Chosun via Naver
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SNSD’s Yoona shows off her wits on Happy Together 3

Yoona made a surprise appearance on the recording of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3, which will air on May 10 at 11:15 p.m. The guests of the broadcast were Jessica, Taeyeon, and Tiffany. However, Yoona visited the studio during the recording and surprised the members. It has been said that she visited the studio because she had a recording of Love Rain nearby.

Yoona gave good laughs by imitating Ggeokgido from Gag Concert with comedian Kim Joon Ho. After that, she attracted attention by revealing her true feelings about the kiss scene on Love Rain with Jang Keun Suk.

Not only that, she made the audience burst in laughter by telling Seohyun, who is working as unit TaeTiSeo from SNSD, to break her bad habits. It is said that Jessica also gave a good laugh by saying, “Before shooting for a series, I asked Yoona for some advice. I followed her advice and made some silly mistakes.”

Source: TV Report

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SNSD Girl Perfume [PROMO]

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Audience Amazed at Perfect Emotional Acting of Yoona

Idol YoonA, turned out to be an actress with such a good acting skill.

In episode 13 of KBS 2TV drama “Love Rain” aired on May 7th, 2012, YoonA demonstrated her acting strength which grown even more, amazed the viewers. YoonA perfectly interpreted the sadness of Ha Na. Not only so, she also skillfully portrayed the sad in the heart, but have to keep a smile, to the extent that nobody would believe she is an idol.

On the day’s broadcast, Jung Ha Na (YoonA) and Seo Joon (Jang Geun Suk) broke up tearfully. Jung Ha Na is confused after knowing the first love of her mother Kim Yoon Hee is father of Seo Joon, Seo In Ha. After arriving in Seoul without speaking a word with Seo Joon along the way, Jung Ha Na drunk after drinking a lot. Back home, Seo Joon said to crying Ha Na, “Let’s… walking together? No, right?” Listening, Jung Ha Na was just silently shedding tears, without answering.

After the acting of tearing, YoonA showed an even deeper inner heart acting. Crossed path with Seo In Ha who is together with Yoon Hee, Jung Ha Na pretended that she’s OK, and said, “The sea is beautiful, right? Mom always wants to go to the seaside with professor Seo.” Seo In Ha said he plans to marry Yoon Ha. Jung Ha Na froze the moment she heard it, but immediately adjusted her mood, and answered long-winded, “Very happy, congratulations to you, professor Seo, congratulations to you, mom. In future, my mother is entrusted to you, must let her happy. How did you propose?”

Crying and smiling, the emotion of Jung Ha Na has constantly changed, and the acting skill of YoonA who played the role of Jung Ha Na has grown to the extent of able to completely interpreted the scene. Thus, it can be seen that the acting strength of YoonA has went beyond the level of idol to reach the level of actor.
via Nate

'Love Rain' Episode 14

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Yoona Can Now Take Off 'Idol Born Actress Label'

The acting of SNSD’s YoonA in KBS 2TV drama “Love Rain” finally glows.

Although YoonA has been challenging acting through a variety of dramas before, but from the the perspective of the audience, she is not completely proven, and suffered the questioning about her acting along the way.

In fact, this was because of not enough time for practicing and inappropriate choice of the dramas and the roles. At that time, YoonA starred in the dramas which did not suit herself, and for her age, starring in roles with heavy acting seemed only manageable with difficulty. But the most troubling is the label of ‘idol,’ making people think that it’s unplanned challenge of acting. Moreover, unlike general actors who start from supporting role and move up to leading role, a lot of newcomers easily get the leading role because of ‘idols,’ and therefore contributed to YoonA who is the same ‘idol born actor’ to inevitable subjects to rigorous examine by others, although she also began from supporting role.

In this context, YoonA who has been suffering from doubt on her acting returns after two years through “Love Rain”, causing many worries. Is worries become true? Looking at only the first half of “Love Rain” is not able to evaluate her acting. Because the part of 1970s is just an innocent role, it’s difficult to determine her acting strength from it.

However, bright girl Ha Na who debuts in 2012 amply proves the acting skill of YoonA. The Ha Na played by YoonA is YoonA herself. What’s saying here is not similarity between the character and YoonA herself, but acting that creates the illusion of treating the character as YoonA herself, a very natural acting.

A variety of expression acting, fluent Japanese, it can be seen that YoonA completely immersed in her role. Her voice and tone is not unfamiliar. The questioning of ‘acting that makes people’s hands and legs curled up’ completely disappeared. While wear thick clothing of several pieces stacking together, she gets rid of the bound by beauty, showing acting which letting people feels lovely without exception.

In addition, even when co-starring with Jang Geun Suk who has been acting for a long time, she is showing acting strength that compared favorably. Now she performs naturally and comfortably as if finding a fitting clothes, and also possess the ability to bring audience into the drama.

Thus, YoonA has got rid of the previous worries on her through “Love Rain”, as an actress, we can see infinite possibilities on her. Now for YoonA, shouldn’t the troublesome label of ‘idol born actress’ be cast aside?

Source: dramahaven

YoonA - Goddess Born in the Shell

In episode 12 of KBS2 TV drama series “Love Rain” aired on May 1st, 2012, YoonA was wearing the yellow chiffon skirt on the seaside, exuding the elegant and pure charm, attracting the enthusiastic attention of netizens.

Later, the photo of ‘beautiful goddess’ YoonA sat in the shell with bright cheerful smile was made public. In the “Love Rain” behind the scene photo released via official Twitter account of KBS, YoonA’s hair was flapping in the wind, the cheerful smile presenting a good elegant demeanor.

Netizens commented on the photo, “Like the goddess of the wind,” “Seems to be the Mermaid,” “Self-luminous beauty,” “YoonA is really the incarnation of beauty,” “It’s not over to describe with Venus,” and more.

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SNSD YoonA in Pink Dress Reveals Amazing Body Curves

Girls’ Generation member YoonA is showing the curvy body figure which never been seen before through a pink one-piece dress.

YoonA; along with her members were selected as the model for Yakult, and has recently completed the shooting for advertising pictorial.

Among the many published group and solo photos, the most striking is the solo photo of YoonA. The close-fitted pink one-piece dress of YoonA highlights her body figure, and the cheerful smile also made the male fans cheer up.

Netizens responded, “Recently, YoonA always shows her body,” “She gains confident that she never had previously,” “Definitely not only has innocent beauty” and so on.

YoonA is currently starring in KBS2 TV Monday and Tuesday drama “Love Rain“.

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Girls Generation’s Yoona As Love Rain's Jung HaNa Looks Like a Goddess

Attention is being drawn at Girls Generation YoonA’s transformation into a goddess.

YoonA, who is currently working on “Love Rain,” was captured wearing a long, elegant dress on the shores of a beach. In the drama, Joon (played by Jang Geun Suk) breaks it off with Hana (played by YoonA). But in order to find out about Joon’s truthful heart, YoonA decides to become his muse once again. This time, the shoot took place at a beach.

YoonA is wearing a flowing yellow dress, which captivates the viewers with her elegant and pure look. This particular photo creates a mysterious and ethereal atmosphere that truly makes YoonA seem like a goddess. YoonA’s slightly sad face is especially fitting for this mysterious concept.

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