Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cara Wardina latih anak lekat solat 5 waktu..

found this article on facebook..wardina is a malaysian celebrity who wears a hijab..and i think this article is so inspiring that i would like to share it with all of you..enjoy~

my penat lelah paid off...[taken from Wardina's blog, i guess]

I started to make my Amna to solat 5 times a day when she was 7, on her 7th

birthday...we had a talk...(check note lama) tapi preparation since 6 la...tapi

dari kecik memang selalu ikut2 la kami solat....she hasnt missed her solat

since. Walaupun lambat, tetap solat. I made sure of that - because the key is

SOLAT ni kalau tak tanam dari kecik memang LIAT nanti....But it is very

important to keep this in mind:-

1) kalau kita bagi dia tinggal WALAUPUN sekali nanti we are sending the wrong

signal - kena make sure - every waktu without fail, walaupun penat, ataupun


2)l Selalu kalau boleh solat together..mula2 memang kena solat together....kalau

tak ada rumah make sure an adult in the house pastikan anak kita solat. (hari tu

Amna pergi her reading class, i asked her teacher to take her to the suarau) -

lepas solat time tu lah peluk cium, senyum - i always kiss her at the head and

say "Barakallahufiha" Ya Allah make my Amna a good Muslim Ya Allah....make her

never miss her solat Ya Allah.....kuat2 bagi dia kalau kena amik

cuti ambillah - bukan waktu exam je amik cuti - buatlah STEP ini, yakni

melangkah ke alam 7 thaun dan tidak meninggalkan solat A BIG Thing! "mama amik

cuti hari ni sebab nak pastikan yang adik solat 5 waktu sehari!"

3)Selalu cerita how IMPORATANT it is to Allah is watching us... how

we are good Muslims when we solat, how Allah loves us, Solat tu, untuk kita,

bukan untuk Allah.....TAPI selalu jugak cerita yang akan ada orang TAK

solat...acknowledge the fact that sometimes we feel lazy to solat....itu semua

kerja SETAN! Fight them off....! I tell Amna that even some grown ups tak solat!

I tell Amna that....we have to be strong.. we have to tell ourselves we will

NEVER miss our solat.....

4)Awal2 subuh ni memang tak bangunkan, tapi as soon as dia bangun pagi, ill ask

her to solat straight away.(yes memang leceh..but we have to, and we have to do

it with LOVE diselang seli dgn strictness)

5)kalau dia tinggal - DENGAN sengaja, i take the rotan and hit her on her tapak

tangan slowly, just as a reminder. After that i hug her and tell her i love

her, and i just want her to remember - and guess what?? memang dia ingat!!! (3

kali baru, i think not bad, sampai satu hari dia terlambat solat, sebab keluar

dan memang tak ingat, dia yang suruh rotan) But i tell her kalau TERLUPA atau

TERTIDUR its ok...but kena solat terus bila bangun.

Macam ni ceritanya, i told Amna, kalau Ummi ambik Amna dari sekolah lambat, Amna

solat dulu Asar kat sekolah....tadi memang datang lambat...i was loking for

her..and guess what????

She was actually praying her Asar prayers...sorang je kat dalam surau tu....i

wanted to pengsan and cry...she did all by herself.... i pun told her how happy

and how proud i was of her...i tanya dia kenapa? dia kata "Amna ingat apa Ummi

cakap".....cair nya hatiku ini.

Apa lagi, Ummi ni peluk cium dia....and called nenek at im

sharing with all of you!!! Because i want us to raise generation of good Muslims

that are disciplined, smart, intelligent -that remembers Allah because the

world so BADLY needs good QUALITY Muslims like this!!!

And the foundation is - to start them off right - solat at SEVEN! Yes just as

how Rasulullah asked us!

I love you all!!! Good night.....

But the key to all this IS Mak Ayah KENA dan WAJIB solat dulu...anak ketam tak

boleh diajar berjalan terus...fahamkan?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Which korean idols do the middle-aged ladies love the most?

On the March 24th broadcast of Y-Star’s “Wonder About That“, investigators targeted middle-aged women (a.k.a. ajummas) and polled them to see which idols were the most loved by their group.

The program surveyed 300 women, all between the ages of 40-60 years, and asked, “Who is the top idol?” Through this survey, the ajummas were able to show that idol-love wasn’t just restricted to teenagers and young adults.

Of all the idol groups, SNSD placed 1st, with 102 out of 300 votes. Breaking it down individually, SNSD’s Yoona came in 1st place because of her acting appearances through dramas. 2AM’s Jokwon placed 2nd because of his kkab dance and his cuteness. In 3rd place was SNSD’s Yuri because ajummas wanted to have her as their daughter-in-law.

Here are the full results from the survey:

< Idol groups >


2. Big Bang


4. Super Junior

5. 2AM

6. B2ST

7. 2PM

< Idol members >

1. Yoona (SNSD)

2. Jo Kwon (2AM0

3. Yuri (SNSD)

4. Leeteuk (Super Junior)

5. Nichkhun (2PM)

6. Daesung (Big Bang)

7. TOP (Big Bang)

8. Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls)

9. Shindong (Super Junior)

10. Seohyun (SNSD)

11. Sunny (SNSD)

12. Taeyeon (SNSD)

13. IU

14. Minho (SHINee)

15. Goo Hara (KARA)

16. Boram (T-ara)

17. Nicole (KARA)

18. U-know Yunho (TVXQ)

19. Park Gyuri (KARA)

20. Kahi (After School)

21. Jessica (SNSD)

Credits: Allkpop (Article)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photoshop is barely needed [SNSD Yoona]

Anything different to YoonA’s photo after being edited using Photoshop?

Recently, on online community, netizens uploaded a photoshoped Yoona’s cosmetic CF photo and compared it to the original photo. Much to the amazement of netizens, there is almost no difference between the original (non-edited) and the photoshoped photo.

However, in the original photo, the color tone of YoonA’s neck is rather different from her overall skin color. With some amazing photo editing skill, the differences were minimized and the color tone seems to be more ‘natural’.

In reaction to this, netizens commented, “For YoonA there’s not even a need for Photoshop”, “How can this happen? I can’t even believe this”, “She’s really the one and only Goddess.”, etc


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Sunday, March 20, 2011

SNSD Yoona recent cf endorsement stills

these are some of the stills from Yoona's recent cf endorsement..the pics are not mine..[order : SPAO, Vita 500, Woongjin Coway, Domino's Pizza Oh Version, Intel]

Saturday, March 19, 2011

more SNSD Yoona goddess flawless skin

Recently, cuts of YoonA’s Innisfree CF had surfaced on online communities.

From the images, YoonA who is the model for the cosmetic brand, showcased her unique natural beauty, especially her ‘elastic’ baby-like skin and fair complexion. Thus, she was dubbed as “Goddess” by fans.

Netizens who saw the CF cuts commented, “Her skin is so good”, “That’s completely baby skin”, “No wonder she’s a goddess”, “She’s fit to endorse cosmetic products”, “Bban Jjak Bban Jjak NoonEe Boo Shyu~ (from ‘Gee’)”, “Her smile is so pretty”, etc


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my convocation..finally, i've graduated!!!

finally..on 170311, i've graduated!!!! woohoo!!! just imagine, after studying AND waiting for almost 6 years, i've finally received a degree..ijazah sarjana muda perguruan matematik pendidikan rendah..patting myself on the was really an honor graduating with my bestfriends..we literally worked our ass off for this degree..but it was all worth it~

satu je kinda ralat..there were so little pictures taken during that day..everybody was kinda busy with their own families..what to do kan..but, i'm still glad that i could cherish this moment for the rest of my, i got to take pictures with the whole family members, friends and my english lecturer back in college; miss hameeda glad that she could make it to our i'm just waiting for my gaji..want to give a little gift for my besties as their convo the way, got some convo dolls from my parents..thanx mak and abah!!!

now, enough about the convocation day..back to work, cikgu nisak~ (T_T)

pre-convo happy hour!!

120311 - 160311..literally 5 days of fun!!! i stayed at fadz's beautiful house starting from saturday till tuesday..we did hang out on the wednesday though..but seriously..the pre convo days were the best..its been a while since my besties and i got to hang out, when we had the chance, lepas gian lorr!!!!!

120311 [saturday] -- went to tangkak for kima's wedding..

130311 [sunday] -- fadz's boyfriend showed us how to go to picc; the venue for our convocation..we went by using 2 seperate cars; mine and fadz's..after putrajaya, faiza, wana and me decided to go to wangsa walk to watch a movie..fadz joined us sometime later because she had something to do earlier..we watched big mommas..quite entertaining..

140311 [monday] -- can't really remember what we did on this day..i guess the five of us kinda hang out in the morning..went to times square to search for convo shoes..hee..o yeah..i think i caught a cold on this day..hee~

150311 [tuesday] -- convocation rehearsal at picc..also, we got the convo robe on this was really great to see everybody from college again..had some good talk with some old friends and, we headed to klcc to find fadz's convo shoes..couldn't find the right one though..but we did have fun walking around klcc with no hala's been a while since the last time i went to looked different..back from klcc, me and fadz had fun trying our robes..hihi..we looked like some freaking lawyers!!! huhu..later, the four of us (excluding tiqah) went to pasar malam near fadz's house (couldn't remember the name of the taman) to find faiza's tudung and again to jusco..fadz bought her convo's baju kurung..looked so cute on her..

160311 [wednesday] -- the final day at fadz's, fadz and faiza went to wangsa walk to watch a movie called 'Unknown'..played by Liam Neeson..kinda like his acting since i watched him in 'Taken'..we tried to play bowling..but the peeps there were just to many..the place were crowded!! sigh..terlepas lagi..anyhow, my family came to kl on this, after watched the movie with the girls, i went to kota damansara (my bro's house) to get ready for my convocation on the next day..

all in all, the time spent with my bestfriends were amazing..i really really missed them, so we really took this opportunity to lepak2 and lepas gian with movies and late night talks..hope that we could do it all over again soon~

kima's wedding!! [120311]

omona!!! kima has become someone's wife peeps!!! so happy for the way, kima is one of my close friends back in bestfriends and i went to tangkak, johor for her was great to see everybody again..we had a great time and personally, i would like to wish kima and her husband all the happiness in the world..semoga kekal bahagia sampai ke syurga!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

action song competition..

need to train 15 pupils of Year 2 & Year 3 (mixed) for the action song competition..i already mix quite a number of songs for the medley..Westlife's I Have A Dream, The Beatles' I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Julie Andrew's Do Re Mi and the B.I.N.G.O song..

now all i got to do is to come up with the choreography..i have lots of ideas for it..just worried that the pupils couldn't do it..should i cedok some dance movements from SNSD?? hehe..well, i might..then it would bring some colours for the performance..whatever it is, i really want to do well for this..kay hwaiting!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

SK St Paul Handball Team

finally..after 2 long weeks of practicing and training under the hot sun, the school's handball team went for the competition (Kinta Selatan region) held in SK Methodist Malim Nawar early this morning..i must say that they were not playing their best..they could do better..heck, i've seen them played better before..

however, we have lost the game..still, i'm proud of my so weird calling them 'my' girls..i guess i AM becoming a teacher after all..huhu..let's try harder next year, st paul hwaiting..let's go st paul, let's go!!!!