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Yoona, Sunny and Hyoyeon Appear on ‘We Got Married’ Idol Casting Segment

On August 25th, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Yoona appeared in a short segment on “We Got Married”, a variety show which pairs two celebrities together for a make-believe marriage. “We Got Married” is currently recruiting participants to appear on its fourth season and placed a banner at the Seoul Olympic Stadium during “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III” in Seoul which listed the requirements needed to appear on the show.

In order to qualify, the producers of the show required that the participant be a current idol who is at least nineteen years old. In addition, the idol:
1. Cannot currently be in a relationship.
2. Must be able to show their face without makeup and their height without insoles.
3. Can stay faithful while married.
4. Must be willing to honestly show everything about themselves, without hiding anything.

During the brief but funny clip, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Yoona discovered that all three did not meet the requirements to appear on “We Got Married”. Hyoyeon was disqualified due to the requirement concerning makeup, Sunny was disqualified due to the requirement concerning insoles, and Yoona jokingly said that she would not be able to remain faithful during her marriage.

Later in the show, Super Junior’s Sungmin also appeared to read the banner and the list of qualifications. SHINee’s Taemin asked him who he would choose to film “We Got Married” with, and Sungmin selected Sunny.

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YoonYulHyo Dance Battle at SM Town Seoul

starts at 0:55~ 

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Yoona SM Town S.M.ART Exhibition [VID]

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Yoona Was Pretty From Childhood

A program on Y-STAR ranked Yoona as the 3rd idol star that they're glad grew up just the way they were in childhood.


A program on Y-STAR ranked Girls Generation's Yoona as the 3rd idol star that they're glad grew up just the way they were in childhood.

A reporter went around to two plastic surgeons who looked at her photos from her past and analyzed what it is that made her this attractive: she was pretty from birth.

After looking at childhood and teenage photos they said that thankfully, she was pretty from birth and as she grew up, her bone structure expanded while maintaining the perfect proportions that she originally had. This allowed her to maintain the pretty looks that she was given genetically and the image that she carries with her today.

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Yoona's Polaroids

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Yoona's Latest + Old Selca [Part 1]

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Yoona with her SNSD unnies (Hyoyeon & Sunny)

Yoona : MUCORE Visit Report

2012.8.11(Sat) Clear-

I visited MuCore today~
It feels like I see TaeTiSeo unnies this close every day!! Kekekeke
I was actually excited because it felt like my first time seeing SONEs so close up~
I’m feeling jealous of my members that see SONEs this close every week.. Keke
Today my members were really good at MCing as expected~ Keuhehe
I went and had fun laughing~~
My members are pretty whenever I see them~ Good
BoA unnie, who had her comeback is also pretty and coolㅠ
Super Junior oppas were also really cool ㅇ_ㅇ!!!
As expected, we are SM TO-WN!
I will have to pray that everyone is cautious of the heat~
I hope there will be more days for me to talk with SONE closely like today~
I was bored today, but it has become an enjoyable day!
Yoona’s MuCore visitation report, endㅡ

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Son Ye Jin Believes SNSD Fans Gave Her to Haha to Protect Yoona

Son Ye Jin showed she was as funny as she was beautiful through a mere phone call.

On the August 2 broadcast of tvN’s Taxi, Haha called Son Ye Jin to tell her they had to start seeing each other. It all started when he was asked whether he really was close with the stars he hovers around in his ‘playboy’ character. The question referred to the issue-making photo he had tweeted before.

The photo was of him caught between Son Ye Jin and Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Yoona. Haha explained, “I went to the after-party for LeeSsang’s concert, and Son Ye Jin and SNSD’s Yoona happened to be there. I asked them for a photo and so we took it while I pretended to be close with them.”

The photo itself not only made issues, but also the caption Haha had attached to it. He had said, ‘Ah, who should I start dating? I’m gonna go crazy again.’ The painful choice had even led to an actual poll hosted by a portal site, in which Son Ye Jin rose victorious.

Haha said, “I sent her a Kakao Talk message that I think we really do have to start seeing each other, but she wasn’t very surprised.” He did add, however, that he saw a possibility of being with her. When no one believed him, Haha called Son Ye Jin to prove it, and Son Ye Jin from then on took over and dealt humorous blow after humorous blow.

Haha suddenly said to her, “I think we have to start going out with each other,” but Son Ye Jin didn’t budge and instead returned, “Oh, can I? Really?”

When Haha started going in too deep and told her that he loves her, however, she shot back, “Are you drunk?”

Son Ye Jin also touched on her ‘battle’ with SNSD’s Yoona. She joked about winning the portal site’s poll, “The reason I won the vote is probably because Yoona’s fans wanted to protect her.”

In the same episode, Haha’s best friend Skull also made an appearance. Skull is a reggae singer, and is known as the first Korean singer that managed to climb as high as no. 3 on the Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Chart.

Haha praised, “If variety has ‘God Yoo [Jae Suk]’, in music we have ‘God Skull’. That’s how great he is.”

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