Monday, October 26, 2009

wats up wif me??

its been a while since my last, wats up wif my life ever since??'s d prcticum thing..n rite now im obsessd wif sazzy falak n her hubby in sehati berdansa..i really want them 2 win dis yr..suremon!!!!

wat else..d exams r cming up..but still got time, so...enjoyyyy!!!! la..juz dun hv d mood 2 study rite hear sumthin emo??..hihi..i feel like im pushin away people dat i luv..i dunno y i did dat..seriously..its like..d more dat i wanna b close 2 them, d harder i push them away..its not like i want dat..i dun wanna live my life dis way..but i cant help it..i cant explain it..

its hurt..i tried 2 act normal..but sumhow i manage 2 act like some sort of a b***h n hurt them instead..funny isnt juz rambling rite now..dunno wats happening 2 u think i need help?? see a shrink or sumthng like dat??..;j

nxt yr's practicum..

well..i'll b in sk tmn midah(2), insy..wif my gal pal, wani..;j..wish me luck yea..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


juz found out where would my next prcticum sucks!!!...hope sgt leh pilih skolah sndiri...or at least bg la tmpt yg x jam..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

my cho's wedding..

yesterday was d big day..i went 2 kota bharu wif my maksu n acu..for d wedding of coz..unfortunately we missed d akad 1 MINUTE lak tu..ralatnye rase!!!!!..juz when i got there, my cho a.k.a my big bro tgh solat syukur (yeke name dia solat syukur??).. i got a sis-in-law..wish their marriage kekal sampai ke syurga, insya-Allah..wlcome 2 d family, kak wani!!!

p/s :- i'll post some pics later..

Monday, October 5, 2009

juz when i thought..

argh..2day is supposed 2 b my last day of asssgnmnt..juz when i thought evrything is over, i hv 2 complete d diorama for eng society..need 2 hand in dis very week..arghhhhh..rse nk gigit je sume org!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

playing bunga api n mercun a.k.a whole lotta fun!!!!

omg..what a was so much fun!!!!i feel like a kid all over again..huhu..well, 2nite my girlfrens n i decided 2 play d 'bunga api' n 'mercun'..i noe its dangerous..but i can't help it..hikhik..2 bad my besfren, fadz couldnt make it..kalo x lg best!!

evrybody was enjoying themselves..until d guard came..he almost ruined evrything..saying dat some of d residents were cmplaining..totally not our fault..there was some other guys playin from their house ok..but..who cares bout him rite??huhu..we juz continued playin..;j..n then d moment dat we hv been waiting for..drumroll plz...DAJAL TIME!!!!!

me n 1 of my frens; miz reenu, fired up d 'mercun papan'..u've heard bout it rite..d ones dat they r using during d chinese nw yr..yup..dat one lar..kunun brani lar..but then we ran like damn funny..n wif d others were all waiting in d elevator..adoi..sabo je la..

it was great!!!!!!cant wait for nxt year..huhu..(wat lg ke??? ;j)