Monday, November 29, 2010

im back!!

omg..its been like forever since ive updated dis blog..well, obviously ive been bz for d past few not anymore!!, let me sum up wat had been happening in my life..

~ 1 month internship at sk tmn midah 2, cheras, kl
~ finished my action research (so darn lega btw..;p)
~ lotsa assignments as per usual..
~ a lot..n i mean A LOT of money spent on class trips n activities since its our final yr..boohoo..='(
~ maths final dinner was awesome!!
~ final exams!!
~ done wit my 5 1/2 yrs of degree course (still cant believe it!!)
~ had a really hard time on my last day in IPGKPT
~ it was not easy saying gudbye to friends..god, im gonna miss u all!!

well, dats bout, basically im on my holiday ryte now..n nxt yr i'll start, as a teacher of coz (insya-Allah) juz hoping dat i'll get d nearest school to my house here in batu gajah..hehe..but around ipoh oso not bad..hikhik..dats all i gonna sign off now..really looking forward to my next post..hee~