Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hows raya??

hey all..hows ur raya..mine was a disaster..yup..i said it..disaster..lots of tears on d 1st day..huhu..but i had fun on d 2nd day..i met most of my close frens rite here in batu gajah..my ex-clasmates..we had a gr8 time hangin out..usual place lar..kfc..dats where i want 2 beeeeeee...;j..cant wait 2 lepak wif them again dis thursday insy..

juz finished helping my bro painting his room..nk kawen la kata kn..huhu..but juz d lil things lar..my akak n my mak did all d work..hikhik..me juz kaco2 them..btw, hepy besday akak!!!

cant wait 2 get bck 2 kl..missing my frens rite now..tsk..tsk..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tahajjud cinta..

listening to siti nurhaliza's latest album; tahajjud cinta..so peaceful..;j

need a break..desperately!!!

gosh..juz hv d time 2 update dis blog..y u ask??..well..juz d usual thing..stok assgnmnt yg berlambak!!!!

i dun undrstnd..do THEY think dat we're robots..i noe dat some of d assgnmnts shud b cmpleted during practicum..but do THEY really think dat we hv d time????..pikir la weh..now wats left is eng assgnmnts..juz when i thought dat evrythngs gonna b over soon, out of no where, kes mqa lak msuk...sigh..now i got 2 update my portfolio dat i did smwhere in 2008..can u blieve it..2008!!!..how do u xpect me 2 remember all dat..i dun even noe if i still keep dat darn pfolio..

arghhhhh..so pissed rite now..i dun think i could enjoy my raya..sigh...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


loads of work 2 do..getting really sick of it...darn!!!