Friday, August 26, 2011

SNSD in Soshifarm Comic

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Yoona's Eider Ad in September issue of 월간산

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YoonA's Eider CF to air in September!

YoonA and Lee Minho’s rock climbing preparation at the shooting set of TV CF for France’s premium outdoor brand, Eider was revealed.

Recently, Lee MinHo and YoonA had the advertisement shooting session at Bishop Area Rock Climbs, located at Eastern Sierra, California, which is well known for its rock climbing spots.

Despite the hot weather, tough climbing practice and shooting sessions, YoonA still managed to put on a constant smile on her face, which lighted up the atmosphere at the shooting set.

A staff of Eider said, “As Eider Friends, Lee MinHo and YoonA scaled America’s famous rock climbing spot, Bishop with their bare hands for TV CF shoot. They have also embraced their roles as Eider Friends with their excellent sporting ability and self-challenge spirit.”

The staff added, “While Lee MinHo and YoonA were robust in carrying out the activities, they were also expressing Eider’s stylish concept and there is much anticipation for the completion of this great TV CF.”

Meanwhile, Eider’s TV CF, which features Lee MinHo and YoonA’s real climbing experience, is scheduled to be aired on Korea’s national and cable TV channels from September onwards.


Credit: Fanwonder

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